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The rock cut of Ajanta caves are situated at about 55 Kms from Jalgaon or 105 Kms from Aurangabad. They have the most perfect specimens of Indian mural paintings and sculpture. These caves were discovered in 1819. After the Taj Mahal the Ajanta Caves are one of the most well known tourist destination in India.

There are 30 caves and they have been excavated in a horseshoe shape. They extend over 550 m. Their floors are not uniform. Cave 8 is the lowest and cave 29 is the highest. The Waghora stream flows though the same. There is waterfall beyond cave 28 which descends in 7 steps (SatKund) and feeds the Waghora stream.

In ancient times stairways linked the stream with individual caves but these have now mostly disappeared.

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