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Released iOS and Android App for Khajuraho Temples

Temples of  Khajuraho is a complete photo journey of all of the temples at Khajuraho with detailed explanation of each photo. The temples of  Khajuraho are a group of Hindu and Jain temples in Madhya Pradesh, India. The temples were built over a period of 100 years between 950-1050 CE by Chandela rulers. Out of… Continue reading »


What to Expect from an eBook Conversion Company Designing your Ebook Cover?

The cliche, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’, has been baptized by time. However, many publishers would strongly agree that this saying doesn’t often hold true in the real world, where readers do tend to judge a book by its cover and then decide whether they want to flip through its pages. This is… Continue reading »


Why Travel Websites Need Digital Image Processing Services to Stand Out in a Crowd

A great part of the appeal of a travel website lies in the pictures that are displayed on it. These pictures of exotic destinations fuel enough wanderlust to compel visitors to book their next holiday. This brings to the fore the importance of uploading high-quality images on travel websites – a fact that savvy travel… Continue reading »


How Can Digital Image Processing Services Bring Cookbooks and Food Websites to Life?

Half the appeal of food lies in the way it is presented. When it comes to cookbooks and food websites, where there is a pressing need to bring the colors and textures of food to life, photographs prove to be the most powerful tools. However, sometimes, even the best images captured by professional photographers may… Continue reading »


Reality Premedia Proud To Be A NASSCOM Member

Making the most of its expertise and experience in the IT industry, Reality Premedia Services Pvt. Ltd. recently became an exclusive member of the principal chamber of commerce of the IT software and service industry in India i.e. NASSCOM. The company is now one amongst the leading member companies that are registered with NASSCOM. The… Continue reading »


What Role Do eBook Conversion Services Companies Play in Transforming Your Print Book to eBook?

eBooks are at the forefront of the next big trend in the publishing industry. And leading this change are various eBook conversion providers in India and abroad. Well yes, there are several DIY ways to convert your print book into an eBook. In fact, this is where most people make a mistake: They assume that… Continue reading »


Digital Image Processing – What Do Ecommerce Websites Have to Gain?

Leading market research firm eMarketer estimated in 2014 that global business-to-consumer (B2C) ecommerce sales were pegged to surpass US$1.5 trillion in that year. These numbers indicate that consumer preferences are tilting the balance toward ecommerce. However, what is it about an ecommerce website that entices a customer enough to make a purchase decision? It’s often… Continue reading »


Hiring an eBook Conversion Company is Better than a DIY Approach – Know Why

With the popularity of eBooks soaring to unprecedented levels with every passing year, one might think that developing an eBook can be done by anyone. It is easy to believe that you don’t need an eBook conversion company given the plethora of digital conversion apps on the market. But this couldn’t be father from the… Continue reading »


Looking for Enhanced eBook Conversion Services? Things you Should Know

The term ‘enhanced books’ is commonly used by eBook conversion companies to refer to digital books that feature a bevy of advanced attributes such as interactivity, video, narration or other audio, and a lot more. Thanks to the greater degree of interactivity they bring at the reader’s fingertips, enhanced eBooks can help boost book sales,… Continue reading »


Which Ebook Conversion Format is Best for You?

Whether it is reading for pleasure or work, ebooks are rapidly eating into the space conventionally occupied by hard books. This is evidently because ebooks blend in more easily with the contemporary way of life. Many publishers have already spotted this trend and have partnered with an ebook conversion company of their choice to launch… Continue reading »

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