3 basic Levels of Quality Checks an eBook conversion house must maintain!

For all those seeking an eBook conversion house to create their digital titles, I recommend that you insist on asking your conversion partner for their Quality inspection documents. QA processes are essential in ebook conversions and according to me every ebook conversion project must undergo the following 3 levels of QC checks;

Level 1 – Task level: The first stage of the ebook conversion process involves sub-tasks like text extraction, image manipulation, Tagging, Packaging and export to desired formats. The eBook conversion house must maintain QA documents and self assesment checklists for each of these stages.
Level 2 – Simulation Level: This stage is when the eBooks have been converted and are now ready for final production. This is when simulators need to be used. This level of QA must be done by an eBook technician with mid-level of experience.
Level 3 – Device Level: Ask the ebook Conversion house, whether they have tested the ebooks on all target devices that you mentioned at the beginning of the project (We recommend doing some research on the target devices that your readers use, before you send out the request for conversions). This is an important stage and must be done by an expert with sound knowledge of digital publishing.

Finally, the best practice is to maintain an Analysis document, which details the observations at all three levels of quality check.

If you would like to receive samples of QA documents for all three levels of QC write to us at enquiries@realitypremedia.com

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