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LINSANITY – How the Jeremy Lin eBook epitomizes the power of digital Publishing

On February 4th 2012, Jeremy Lin was launched on to the world stage when he scored 25 points in a game against the New Jersey Nets. This performance was not only a boost to Lin’s career prospects, but it also changed the fortunes of the New York Knicks, which until then were on a horrible losing streak.
On February 20th 2012, an eBook on Jeremy Lin was up for sale on the Amazon Store! Yes – it’s true! Within just 14 days of this trending news an eBook was launched by author Alan Goldsher.

3 days of writing, 2 days of converting the e-book and 1 day of setting the book up for sale on the e-retail stores. Thats all it took to launch the book for Lin enthusiasts across the globe. This in my opinion is truly ground-breaking!

Back in the days of traditional publishing, launching trending topics as a book was unheard of. A book launch would typically take between 30 days to sometimes a year (or even more). However, digital publishing has changed the dynamics of this industry. This opens new possibilities and forces publishers to rethink their go-to-market strategies. We feel privileged to be a part of such an exciting and rapidly evolving industry!

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