Creative agencies, retail companies, marketing solution providers, news agencies and printers are always focused on their core business and prefer to outsource their below the line (BTL) premedia work.

This not only enables them to reduce their expenses and increase profitability but they can also focus all their attention on creativity and innovation. Reality has partnered with numerous multinational clients as a trusted Premedia partner.

We are one of the leading outsourcing clipping path and Image processing companies offering a wide array of digital image processing services like image retouching, picture editing, photo retouching, image cutouts, clipping path, background removal, color correction, image masking, back ground cleaning & cloning, sharpening & restoration of color etc.

We have been providing high quality image processing service to retailers, real estate developers, photographers, publishing houses, Ad agencies, jewellery and catalog companies. Attractive and crisp images are of utmost importance for these businesses. Everyday we process around 1000 images and we can scale up the manpower if required.

  • Scalability
  • Faster Turn Around Time (1-2 days)
  • Excellent Report Management system
  • Secured FTP to exchange images
  • Economical pricing model
  • Payment only after the satisfactory delivery of your project

Our pricing starts at 50 cents per image for simple images and can go upto USD 4 per image for more complex ones. This price is applicable for volume work.

For small jobs, we prefer billing at an hourly rate of USD 8 per hour.

Please upload sample images for us to process and provide you a quote for the job.


Clipping masks or clipping path is one of our image processing services that involves hiding unwanted parts of a layer from the view.

Clipping path is a process to remove background of the image so that it can be used for varied purposes. Clipping mask can be compared to
an object which actually clips the artwork to the shape of the mask. We can handle all types of clipping mask / clipping path jobs from
simple to very complex ones.


Simple clipping path is background removal of the images without any hole and with basic  and simple curves.


It involves background removal of the images with a few embedded transparency and several paths (compound paths) and many curves.


Complex clipping path implies background removal of complex images, which have more than 10 embedded transparency (Holes), more than 10 closed paths and numerous outlining curves.

Add a new life to old and Black & White photos by using our digital photo editing technique of colorization.

Sometimes due to wrong handling of camera or due to some reasons, the colors of the picture may also not come out as expected. The
retail and fashion segment requires one product to be displayed in many colors and shades. Our Photo colorization service include the
entire subset of such services:


Changing / adding color only to a part of the image to catch attention of the audience. Examples: Whitening the teeth of the model, Removing sun tan, changing eye color

Changing the color of the entire picture. This service is extremely used by fashion and lifestyle industry.

This implies correcting the colors of the image which have lost their sheen.

Image enhancement improves the quality of the image by making it lighter or darker, or by increasing or decreasing the contrast, removing undesirable fields/parts of the image, balancing color and so on.

Blemishes, Freckles can be removed from the faces of the model to ensure that the skin has a perfect texture and tone. Our photo enhancement experts rectify the flaws in your images to make them perfect for any kind of medium.


The biggest challenge that marketers face in delivering a successful local, national or worldwide ad campaign is adapting their original artwork to different sizes and forms of media. Although these adaptations are extremely critical to all media companies, it is not something that they want to focus most of their time on. This is where Reality Premedia Services™ comes into the picture. Our years of expertise and knowledge of different media formats, allow our clients to offload all their ad adaptation requirements to us, so that they can focus completely on strategy and creativity. We always tell our clients “You envision it, we help you implement it!”.

Layout design is another important service we offer. Layout Design is crucial as it usually determines whether information is read or left out. From catalogs to magazines to books, we follow a well-drawn work process.

The first step is to determine the volume of information and then design pages that allow information to be presented in the right flow and in accordance with the client’s requirement. Also in case of catalogs or product brochures, we ensure that our page layout design maximizes the impact of your product.

With the help of customized software packages, we use automated resizing engines to resize your original creatives to the necessary size as mandated by the media format.


Ad Resizing
Reworking of layout
Web based adaptations
Adaptations for mobile platforms


Newspapers want to focus their energies on creative projects and uncovering groundbreaking stories. The creative departments want to spend as much of time as possible on data gathering and content creation. Reality has worked with news agencies and publications for over a decade to help them deliver their content cost effectively and with 100% accuracy.

Many newspapers have internet editions specifically for real estate and auto. They wish to create print editions, using the same content. We take information that already exists online such as archived materials, database information, news advertisements and user-generated content and publish it in a more permanent form — print.

We offer this service as a manual process where we handle all the production or as a self-service wherein dealers can select their inventory using an Internet browser.


Over the past decade Reality™ has served as a backend ad production house for more than 50 big name publishers, media houses, newspapers and retail chains. We are a boon to companies with large volume requirements of ads. Most of these organizations are under tremendous cost pressures to deliver in tight turn times and demanding creative requirements.

We give our clients the ability to lower their ad production costs by 40% and enable the to reduce their time-to-market by 25%. In today’s competitive environment partnerships with companies like Reality has become a necessity to deliver ads to the right places in the least time possible. We allow clients flexibility, scalability and productivity.

Repeat Ads form about 21% to 28% of the total volume of ads that a newspaper produces. We can convert current ads for pick up and re use. Outsourcing these can improve both bottom line and turnaround time by 25 to 30%

We can create

Classified ads,
Display Ads
Classified Display Ad
Classified Lineage Ad
Composite Ad
Large legal

Ad Production Process | Workflow

We are working for more than a decade for several Newspapers from different parts of the globe and are processing more than 2,50,000 newspaper pages a month – converting the published print editions to their respective e-Edition / online versions.

A print newspaper has many elements / sections such as News, Advertisements, Classifieds, Cartoons, Puzzles, Pictures, Captions, Articles, etc. We receive published pages in PDF/JPG format. We markup elements on these pages as text, images, photo captions, etc. and assign them the relevant category. For example, a page contains News, Advertisements, Weather Report, Articles, Index, etc. which are marked up individually and assigned the relevant classification for browsers and apps to recognize them and render accordingly. Some of the important content such as News is further classified in multiple elements such as heading, sub-heading, body text, images, photo captions, tables, etc. This sub-classification helps archival systems and search engines locate each element appropriately and present to the end users. News articles spanning across multiple pages of a newspaper are also linked allowing end users to have seamless reading experience.

This service being offered to Newspaper publishing industry that works with strict deadlines, two dedicated business continuity centers ensure all papers are processed with 4 hours TAT from the time they are made available. Not to mention, without a break of single day, this service is active all the 365 days of the year.

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