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The Rajasthani Turban has a special place in the ritualistic life of the people. Called Safa, Paaga or pagri, it is a piece of cloth averagely nine metres long, but some are even longer.

Types of Turbans : You could often get to know the region, caste and religion of the man, through the style of the turban worn.

The shepherd community had would be recognised by the multi-coloured turbans they wear, while the Bhisnoi community by their white turbans.There are 1000 ways to wear a turban.

Some of them are -"Jallori" from Jallore, "Bhatti" from Jaisalmer, "Shahi Jodhpuri paag" or the royal turban, the Jaisalmer merchants "paagri", the "Banswara paag", "Jaipuri turban" from Jaipur, the "Alwar" turban, "Sirohi" turban.