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TryARing “Virtual Try On Jewelry App”

Before people can make a decision to buy antique and expensive jewellery online, they will like to see how will it look on them and whether it will suit them? Virtually trying the jewellery on oneself gives the user the confidence to buy & the return rates are reduced. People spend a lot of time researching online before they make a decision to head to a store or buy a product online.

We came up with a solution- a white Labelled mobile or a web application (whatever is your requirement) wherein users can see your entire collection of rings. They can customise the rings to change the metal, diamond size, shape , carat , setting etc. And then they can try this exquisite piece on their fingers; while staying within the comforts of their homes. The user simply has to click a picture of his / her hand & then upload it to the app to try various rings. Once they have finalised the ring, the users can simply proceed and buy the same within the app or through your website. The app has full support for iOS as well as Android.

The TryARing “Virtual Try on Jewelry App Features”


Explore The Options

The customers will be able to see the whole range of possible rings they can buy.

Easy Customization Options

They can even customize the different products and alter the size of the diamond, the shape, the karat and so on.

Easy to Use

All what user needs to do is to click a picture of his/her hand and upload it to the app. Then, after exploring the different ring options and checking out the possibilities and finding their favorite design,

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Virtual Try On

The user can try the link on their own hand virtually before buying. Shoppers who virtually try the products are 35 percent more likely than other website visitors to buy the product or at least call the company & get directions to a store location.

By offering this Virtual Try on Jewelry Software; one can radically change the customer behavior towards online jewelry shopping. This will add a completely new dimension to the way people have been shopping for jewelry at online stores so far. This try on jewelry app is definitely buzzing in the market owing to the kind of novelty that it brings.

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How TryARing “Virtual Try On” app can help Jewelry Business?

If you take a thorough look at the jewelry market, you will find that it is a $300 billion industry and the scope for online sales is shooting the sky. With so many others products seeing great sales online, the jewelry market to is feeling the need to make a shift.

However, jewelry being so expensive can be a hard thing to be successful in the e-commerce front. It is with apps like this that jewelers can gain the confidence of people and they will be able to give them the right base to proceed towards placing the order. Augmented Reality Jewelry Shopping has the potential to become the thing of tomorrow.

As the count of mobile users is increasing by the day, more and more people are getting hooked to the virtual world. The time to go out to the stores and to buy something is getting reduced. Everyone wants to multitask and the option of Virtually Trying a Ring and even buying it, all from the confines of your home or office is definitely appealing. By offering something radical, dynamic and new, you will be able to make the cut and become the undisputed leader when it comes to Online Jewelry Selling.

So, why not give it a try?

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