Do you require you books to be printed digitally in smaller quantities? It is cheaper to print digitally in quantities of up-to 300 print run. If you wish to try out the waters before committing to large print runs, need to send advance copies to your buyers/friends we can help. Reality Premedia Services is a comprehensive and reliable Print on Demand partner for many publishers, first time authors and organizations that are looking for smart, high quality and cost-effective fulfillment of their books in a rapid turnaround time.

5 Reasons why publishers and authors should consider Print on Demand

– Extremely cost-effective for short-runs and low volumes (as low as $3 per book)
– Reduce your inventory costs (Publishers claim 60% inventory cost reduction)
– Fulfillment time reduced considerably (end to end turnaround time of minimum 3 days is possible)
– 24 Hours delivery if required
– Print Quality better than offset, thanks to our state-of-the art digital print machinery

We can deliver your book in a few days of turnaround time. Please contact us for more details and pricing.

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