1. The promoters of the company had a company selling multimedia solutions for 5 years and were distributors of Macromedia selling Flash and Authorware the 2 prime authoring toolkits for creating CDROMs and presentations.

    In one of the workshops we found that worldwide there was a latent demand for CDROM content and the idea of Reality was born. Reality was incorporated to provide Indian based CD content for national and international markets - probably among the first few in India. In the next 5 years we produced over 30+ titles which included titles on Temples of India, Taj Mahal, Goa, Yoga, Ayurveda, Rajasthan and Ragamala. We also did a initiative with Vigyan Ashram - Dr Kalbag renowned for his dedication to rural education for three CD's to teach assembling of computers to rural children in Hindi , Marathi and Gujarati.

  2. Internet boom hit India and the world. Information was now available freely.

    CDROM as a medium to distribute data and information was no longer the preferred medium. The premise now was that information will be available almost free. The only content that customers were ready to pay for was games and educational CD's. Our skills in producing multimedia titles gave us the ability to handle text, graphics, videos and audio and we quickly adapted to provide these services to international clients. We were a 30+ company. Our biggest international client decided to set up production shop in India and bought the management and the all the staff of Reality and started an ebook production company that went to become almost 1400+.

  3. We started re-staffing and decided to concentrate on book production services and stock photographs.

    As part of our CDROM production we had employed in-house and independent photographers and we started now increase our stock photo collection. We increased this to about 50000+ photographs starting out own digital agency to sell high quality stock photos called ephotocorp and also started selling through worldwide agencies. We also produced close to 10000+ books and 5000+ book covers for international book publishers. We decided to concentrate on outsourced graphics production services.

  4. Added the following newspaper services to our portfolio :

    Outsourced Ad production : We have designed close to 40,000 repeat and spec ads for newpapers.
    ePaper conversions : Tagging and conversion to ePaper. We currently process 140+ newspapers and 4000+ pages daily.
    Reverse publishing : Content is taken from internet editions of newspaper and print edition is created for the same. Workflow and productivities tools have been custom created for this requirement.

  5. Started to provide file preparation services and InDesign layout services to large publishing houses.

    We current process close to 100,000 pages for file prep per year and have done close to half a million pages to date. We also do about 3000 page layouts per month.

    Opened a second production center at Belapur - Mumbai to cater to 365 days production for our newspaper clients.

  6. Added digital image processing to our portfolio.

    We currently handle 1200+ images per day for our Japanese clients. We have implemented custom workflow and file management, assignment and QC systems to manage the volumes and ramp up effectively.

    We started local marketing to provide creative, brand management, event management and website design and maintenance services.

  7. With the advent of the iPad in 2009; there has been a renewed focus on ebooks and Apps.

    We refocused again on this service of converting to books to eBook formats. This market at that time was growing at a fast 300%.We have converted close to about 5000 books to date to ePUB, Kindle including Fixed Format eBooks. We are also providing services for enhanced eBooks with audio video and interactivity - reminds us of our CD ROM days where we used to do this on CD and now it is the eBooks.

  8. This year our industry has seen fascinating and inspiring developments in the digital transformation of the book.

    eBooks have added so much life to books. With some good design sense and programming capabilities, newer and better devices and technologies, publishers can now create new revenue opportunities for themselves by adopting a digital strategy. eBooks allow added videos, audios, animations, interactivity to create a new experience for the reader.

  9. We started working on Augmented Reality Apps for iOS and Android.

    Our AR team offers innovative solutions to publishers, corporates and retailers to enhance the end user experience by not only developing a stunning UI but also developing fluid, robust and highly responsive apps.

  10. Forayed into Beacon Application (Proximity based messaging).

    We entered the arena of Beacon technology this year for a major event of a reputed IT company. The technology can be used to enable smooth navigation at malls, museums, amusement parks and big events. Along with Beacon applications, our focus is on four major domains this year: eBook conversion services, Enhanced eBooks, eReader solution & Augmented Reality.