We are working for more than a decade for several Newspapers from different parts of the globe and are processing more than 2,50,000 Newspaper Pages a month – Converting the Published Print Editions to their respective e-Edition / online versions.

A print newspaper has many elements/sections such as News, Advertisements, Classifieds, Cartoons, Puzzles, Pictures, Captions, Articles, etc. We receive published pages in PDF/JPG format. We markup elements on these pages as text, images, photo captions, etc. and assign them the relevant category. For example, a page contains News, Advertisements, Weather Report, Articles, Index, etc. which are marked up individually and assigned the relevant classification for browsers and apps to recognize them and render accordingly. Some of the important content such as News is further classified in multiple elements such as heading, sub-heading, body text, images, photo captions, tables, etc. This sub-classification helps archival systems and search engines locate each element appropriately and present to the end users. News articles spanning across multiple pages of a newspaper are also linked allowing end users to have seamless reading experience.

This service being offered to Newspaper publishing industry that works with strict deadlines, two dedicated business continuity centers ensure all Papers are Processed with 4 hours TAT from the time they are made available. Not to mention, without a break of single day, this service is active all the 365 days of the year.

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