3D Space - How marketers can utilise this for promoting their products

3D Space – How marketers can utilise this for promoting their products

3d modeling and rendering services-3d modeling services

Introduction to 3D marketing

Customers’ beliefs and requirements aligned with your product offering are the most important parts when it comes to using 3D modeling for a product. These 3D models give a feel of how an actual product would look like. So, whether it is showcasing the product on eCommerce or using it in Augmented Reality for visualizing the product in one’s environment, or creating a VR experience, 3D modelling is the base of everything.

Where does 3D come into use?

  • Services that can help you to promote your products in an attractive way on any digital platform
  • Creating 3D models of your products for engaging experiences like Augmented Reality or immersive experiences for your target audience
  • Creating 3D animated videos to explain your product and its features in simplified ways

Let’s understand this in detail:

3D modelling & rendering

3D modeling and rendering help businesses to showcase their products on the web or in print format. The advantage here is everything is created in a controlled environment without you being getting involved in the entire execution like arranging the shoot of the product, making the product available for the shoot, taking images against various backgrounds, and making sure that the accessories are correct, etc.

3d modeling mainly comes in use for furniture companies, electronics and appliances companies, and even for auto component manufacturers

Once the 3Dmodel is made it can be rendered from various angles, against various backgrounds, etc. It also saves a lot of time in the execution of the entire process and 3D models can be altered in the future for different rendered images if the need may be.

3D on web

Gone are the days when static images were used on websites for product information. A lot of business and shopping is done from the web platform and customers expect to see the product on the web from various angles, in various colors, rotate it 360 degrees, and all possible combinations. This all is made possible under one roof by top 3D modeling companies.

3D modeling and rendering make this possible for you without getting involved in the hassles of execution. As a business owner, all you have to provide is the dimensions of the product and a few images for reference.

Augmented Reality

​ Augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) development are immersive technologies that allow users to view content in a personalized context. These are extremely useful in the businesses of manufacturing, retail, training, and maintenance. These technologies are helping organizations around the world in many ways.

3D modelling helps to create all the experiences whether showing a product in a customer’s environment with Augmented Reality development or creating the entire immersive experience set up for Virtual Reality development. All the products, backgrounds, showroom set up, or outdoor setup everything can be created in 3D as the content of these experiences.

3D animated videos

3D animation is a process of creating the illusion of movement in a three-dimensional way. Simply put, it is animating characters and objects that can be rotated and moved similarly to the ones in real life. Characters, objects, backgrounds, etc are created in 3D by 3D development companies which are further animated to make the videos. Various videos like a product launch, explainer videos, training videos, and videos in story form are made in 3D animated video  form which gives liberty to make them more creative without having the availability of physical objects like shoot locations, studio setups, human models, etc

3D Virtual experience center

Lately, customers have gotten used to shopping in comfort, and that’s when brands decided to ramp up their business by the use of virtual showrooms. Virtual showrooms hosted on your website give your customers the experience of interacting with your products in the comfort of their time and location.

All the products can be placed in a 3D showroom, which showcases 3D models of your products and also more information like rotating and seeing products in 360-degree view, seeing product features or related product videos. It is as good as visiting a showroom and taking a tour of it. 3D modeling companies make this everything possible for you.

Top 3D modeling companies are generally involved in creating experiences related to Augmented Reality development, Virtual Reality Development, Immersive experiences development, etc.

 3D modeling is becoming an essential part of modern-day communication and will be useful for most industries like Automobiles, Appliances and Electronics, Engineering, and FMCG. Rendered images or engaging experiences all will be based majorly on 3D modeling.

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