What Are The Goals and Types Of Image Processing?

What is image processing? It is a process of converting an image or photo in digital form and performing some steps and procedures so that the said image can be enhanced. In image processing, the input is an image (or photograph) and the output is that same image but which looks much better for marketing & other purposes. For online shopping, the first thing the customer sees is the product image. A clean and perfect product image increases conversion rate, builds engagement and positively affects overall sales. Images of your products right from the camera may not be fit for online or offline sales- each image needs an expert eye to make it perfect.
In many businesses, image processing is particularly crucial – Fashion, Jewellery, Real Estate, and ecommerce. These images may contain unsuitable background and settings as well. Retouching these images requires skin smoothing, cleaning up backgrounds, working on contrasts, and color tint as well as brightening the image. Photo editing can be time consuming but it is always recommended to have your photos edited before posting online.

There are various types of Image editing Services:

  • Image Retouching
  • Image Masking
  • Background removal
  • Color Correction
  • Clipping paths
  • Hair Masking
  • Photo Restoration

What is the purpose of image processing Services? They are divided in 3 groups:

  • Visualization- Objects that are not clearly visible can be brought into focus.
  • Image sharpening and restoration– so that a better image can be created
  • Image Variation: So that multiple color variations of the same product can be created.

Most of the companies used Adobe Photoshop to enhance your images and make them perfect for various medium – Digital or Print. You should look for a company which has team of Photoshop artists who can give the expert edge to your images and give your business the visual impact needed. The aspects that you can consider while evaluating various image editing companies are:-

* Turn around time

* Free Samples

* Safe Image Transfer Protocols

* Short learning curve

* Single point of contact for easy communication

* Simple payments after satisfactory completion of work

At Reality Premedia, we follow the following Steps for Image Editing:What Are The Goals and Types Of Image Processing

  • The image to be worked upon is imported into the system
  • Applying image enhancement techniques using Adobe Photoshop to improve the look & feel of the image.
  • Based on image editing requirement of the client, the altered image is produced as output along with detailed report
  • The image is submitted to the client for review after 100% QA

If you have the time, you can find it exciting and challenging to self- study about image processing. However, it is a meticulous process that requires patience, and you can’t risk producing amateur results for your product.. Outsourcing your photo editing needs is oftentimes the best alternative wherein you save time and money while obtaining the best image processing and digital graphics result.

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