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Why to outsource ecommerce Product Photo Editing?

Why to outsource ecommerce Product Photo Editing

The year 2020 has changed our lives considerably. The way we eat, the way we shop and the way we work – everything has changed due to the pandemic. It has taught us newer and perhaps better way of doing tasks. A lot of businesses were affected badly by Covid-19 , however there were a few that flourished as well – the ones who were selling products online and had eCommerce platform set. However in ecommerce also there is cut throat competition. Setting up an ecommerce website and app is the first step but then making it popular so that customers visit your website and make purchases is extremely important. The other imperative requirement is that you should be able to portray your products in a proper way to your potential clients. Since there is no way the clients can touch and feel the product, the sales of the product in an ecommerce channel rely heavily on good quality images of the product being sold. Picture of the product directly from the camera may not create that impact. Hence we need to use Image Processing Services to make sure that the images create a lasting impression and persuade the website visitor to buy the product. We can either establish a team for performing image editing services or we can outsource image clipping and photo editing services.


Establishing a team in house definitely gives you more control over quality and communication / feedback is also quick. But at the same time, you may need support whenever there are peaks sue to seasonal fluctuations. Employee retention and training is also time consuming. You can achieve the benefit of a faster turnaround time and scalability if you outsource image editing . Many organisations in India provide Bulk Photo editing services that help you to manage volumes easily during peak season. Generally Photo editing requirement is a seasonal requirement. For most industries, products are launched in particular season and not through the year. Hence the photo shoot requirement is also seasonal, so is the photo editing needs. Hence Outsourcing Image editing services seems to be an intelligent step for most of the companies.

Photo editing may involve just image clipping service in which path around the main product is created to take out the background and then place the product on a newer background. This task is relatively simple but tedious in nature. The other important aspect of Image editing services is providing photo retouching . This service is predominantly used in fashion industry wherein it is important to retouch the models and the clothes to remove wrinkles, shadows and do color correction.

There are many companies providing photo retouching services but while choosing the one care should be taken. We should not go ahead and select the vendor with the lowest price. In Photo editing, quality should be judged viz-a-viz price. For creating a flawless edited photo, it takes a keen eye and a good decision making skillset. Also do check for credentials of the photo editing company and ask for samples. A good company will never hesitate to do a few samples to prove their quality of work.