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Role of eBook conversion companies in digital revolution during Covid-19 Pandemic ?

Role of eBook conversion companies in digital revolution during Covid-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 has changed every aspect of our life, whether it is working from home,  commuting, going to school or reading the books. With the lockdown of the entire world for 4-8 weeks , people didn’t have access to physical book stores. This prolonged unavailability of the physical stores led to unprecedented growth in the sales of ebooks. According to global research company Statista, Revenue in the ebooks segment amounts to $211 million in 2020 and it is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2020-2024) of 8.8%, resulting in a market volume of $295 million by 2024.

Many Publishing houses have launched exclusives stores on Amazon Kindle recently. Audio books also gained popularity. With all schools across the globe going online, eBooks reading saw a jump. In order to make sure that you don’t lag behind in this digital revolution, every
publisher has to set up the digital strategy. Many eBook publishing companies also assist the publishers in achieving this goal.

EBooks give the readers the advantage of reading the books anywhere anytime. They can be bought and read instantaneously. Other benefits definitely include the ability to have videos, audios and animations within the eBooks. All these interesting features can be well thought of before adding to any eBook. EBook conversion companies have skillsets and help publishers to decide the best ways to make the eBooks more interactive.

The role of eBook conversion companies cannot be undermined during this time. They help publishers to quickly launch digital version of their books at a reasonable cost. With their in-depth knowledge in the domain of eBooks, they assist the publishers in choosing the right
format for their books. There are many eBook conversion companies in India but the publishers can follow the below checklist while shortlisting and then selecting the best
eBook publication service provider:
-Their understanding of the eBook domain
-Whether they follow manual conversion / Human approach
-Whether they have a 100% QA process
-Total years of experience

The eBook publishing services doesn’t just mean that the company should be able to accept your book in one format and convert it to eBook formats, but they must be able to provide you consultation. They must have the skillsets to suggest you the best platforms for publishing your eBook, assist you with ISBN related queries or opening of accounts on the platforms etc. This shows their in-depth knowledge.

In this new digital revolution set forth by Covid-19 Pandemic, we do anticipate a further growth in consumption of digital content and eBooks. Sophistication of reading devices and their penetration with the rising adoption of smartphones is expected to drive the global
demand for e-books. The publishers should understand this market pulse before it is too late and look for a good eBook conversion company to meet their requirements of eBook conversion services.