White Label eBook Reader App Best Solution for Publisher for Ebooks Distribution and Marketing

White Label eBook Reader App Best Solution for Publisher for Ebooks Distribution and Marketing

Best things to look out for in eReaders Solutions?

With the popularity of eBooks on the rise, the publishers have also felt the need for an efficient eReader solution as well. This is why you can find too many companies specializing in white label eBook application so that publishers who own a great deal of content could have their own distribution channel and cater to their loyal set of readers.

If you too are looking to have an effective eReader solution, here are some of the features which you need to have in it.

The Added Interaction:- We all love a little extra, don’t we! While reading paperback books, too many of us had the habit of doodling a little or maybe adding a little note at the bottom of the page. These things added up the whole experience of book reading. This is why eReader solutions do not want to lose out on this factor too. A lot of eReader apps now come with features like text highlight, adding notes, annotations, scribbling, and even doodling as well. All these are additional features but they truly revamp the pleasure of reading books in the digital format.

Revamping the Gen-Next Demands:- The more you offer the less it is. This seems to be the current trend as far as technology is concerned. So, in order to ensure that your eReader solutions live the hype, you can incorporate quirky features like gesture-based page turning controls, voice over a way of reading books which, in turn, can be customized into multirole languages, the read-aloud feature and what not. The sky is practically the limit and the more the functions, the better should be the response.

The Vibrancy:- Gone are the days when digital books meant the typical black and white screen. With the arrival of digital paper, you can truly transform the experience of reading books a great deal. With color paper, you can have a lot of colorful texts and background as well. You can now offer full-color reflective display which means that digital book reading could be a lot of fun too.

So, keep an eye out for these features and it is likely that your eReader solution will become trendy and will catch the fancy of too many readers out there. Ultimately do not forget to ensure that you offer a seamless user experience sans any hassles as these are all additional features which act like a cherry at the top of the cake.

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