eBook reader application

Your own eBook store, your own white labelled eReading app

Your own eBook store, your own white labelled eReading app

An eBook reader application is a mobile or web app that is designed to read eBooks , eMagazines and Journals on an electronic device. A white labelled e-Book reader application is an app developed by a 3rd party but being licensed to other organizations so that they can use the already developed app with their own branding and can reach out to their employees , readers and customers in a better way. This gives the organization speed to market as well as they need not to worry about development & maintenance of the White Label Reading Application.

There are many development companies offering  eReader solution for publishers and organizations. In order to decide which one to go ahead with, the companies can go through the following important features of the white labelled eReader application:

ePub & PDF support: ePub is the most popular format for eBooks. At the same time, many organizations and publishers may have PDF format ready for their books but not the epub format. However if they can find a white labelled e-Reading mobile app that supports both, that will be a good starting point. The need not to worry about the formats that they readily have.

Notes & Highlights: This is an important feature specifically for the educational publishers. The students can highlights the important sentences and paragraphs as well as can take notes. A white labelled eBook reader application for iOS and Android which supports this feature is very important. This gives reader an added advantage while reading the eBooks.

Bookmarking: If you have decided to go ahead with a 3rd party for white labelled eBook reader application, then you should look for this feature as well. Bookmarking allows your reader to mark  bookmark ) important pages and refer them later easily.

Search : Search is ofcourse a feature that helps students and professionals to look for the important words easily. While selecting the development company for your White label e-reading mobile app, make sure you select the one that offers this feature.

The above lists downs a few important features that you must look for while selecting the best eReading application for your publishing house, or organization. There are many eBook reader apps available in the market but most of them not allow for white labelling, which is important to maintain your own brand and to connect with you customers. Most development companies offer some features that are listed above. Select the one which offers all or at least those items which are important for you.