Publishing Industry showing a new Trend-Encouraging figures for Digital publishers

Digital Publishing sales trends 2011
Digital Publishing sales trends 2011

The Publishing industry is experiencing a paradigm shift. The recent statistics related to digital books sale & purchase , eReaders, tablets and ebook lending etc.  reveal that there is a boom in the eBooks domain. The rise in the sale of ebooks is having a dramatic affect on  the sale of print books. Major Publishers also find revenue from eBooks increasing while from print books declining. eBook sales is increasing across Geographies. Here are some of the facts and figures that show the effect of the penetration of this relatively newer format of books into the already existing physical book publishing world.

1) eBook sales have grown by 623% last year.

2) Number of American eBooks readers have doubled since July 2011.

3) In three months, from November 2011 to January 2012, there is 3% rise in the eBook buyers figure in US.

4) Tablet shipments will grow by 90% in 2012 as compared to 2011

5) eBook sales to reach $9.7 billion in next 4 years.

6) eBook sales in Germany has risen by 77% in 2011 as compared to a year before.

7) eBooks sales accounted for 6% of the total revenue of Lagardere Group in 2011.

8 ) eBooks  demand rose by 74% in Libraries, according to American Library Resource Guide.

9) eBook lending is becoming popular with Libraries.

10) Print book sales down by 9% in 2011




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