“Why should I opt for eBooks? ” Loud musings of a budding writer

Now a days I can see many authors and publishers, including the famous ones,  taking an e-route to publishing. Some are using this path to supplement the traditional publishing while others specially the first time authors use only digital publishing to bring out their books into the market. eBooks are becoming popular and  same is supported by statistics. Let me try to jot down the facts that favor digital publishing over traditional publishing for  the authors / publishers.

The world of digital publishing has opened a lot of avenues and opportunities for authors. Now one can publish stories / books whenever they want without having to seek approval from a publisher.

Digital books also do not involve a big cost for production as compared to their print counterparts, help you to reach a global market faster and hence help you to enjoy much more revenue that you would have received if would have followed  the traditional publishing path.

One of the most innovative advantage of this platform is that it has enabled authors to take their stories to a whole new level by means of interactivity. eBooks run over variety of devices – tablets, mobiles, ereaders. Tablet devices (iPad, Kindle Fire , Galaxy Tab) have played a vital role in interactive Children eBooks. The way these devices provide a completely new definition to the reading experience for kids is extra ordinary. The technological developments have paved the way to include animations, audios, videos and other interactivity in an eBook.

With more than 40 million iPads +many more  Kindle ereaders (millions) and other ereaders  in the market, the potential sales that one could expect is worth noticing. Tablet and ereader market is expanding.  Experts are predicting that 26 million more  ereaders and 102 million tablets will be sold next year. Hence we cannot ignore the size of this opportunity.

To add to this is the strength of Apple and Amazon’s market position. This helps one to reach sell one’s books in many potential markets.

So to summarize, the potential benefits of eBooks to an author :

  • Faster publishing from few hours to few days
  • Less cost of production
  • More revenue
  • Access to global market
  • Can add interactivity specially in case of Children’s book
  • Access to a large potential readers
  • Support of big brands for selling

With such a huge potential and big exploding market, nobody can afford to ignore the benefits of having a digital version of one’s book.


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