Most crucial things to keep in mind when preparing to publish your first eBook

Most crucial things to keep in mind when preparing to publish your first eBook

Most crucial things to keep in mind when preparing to publish your first eBook

Fine! You have the content in place and are eager to publish your first eBook online. No matter which stores you want to publish your first eBook, you must be aware of certain do’s and don’ts before you go digital. Read on to know some tips on how to publish your first eBook.

Who will read the book?

It is good to decide who will be your audience. Is it meant for children, young adults or the mature public? Most publishing stores would like to know these details so that they provide suitable ratings which would attract related age group readers. Be very honest to define your audience if you do not like any complaints from the reader.

It is always good to put in some preview content to enable the reader to glimpse through before actually buying the eBook.

Make your eBook stand out

An attractive and eye-catching book cover will always be an easy pick. Make sure the book title and author name are readable even in thumbnail size as it would be displayed on the gallery of the store. Use contrasting colours and bold font to make it stand out.

Pen down and apt synopsis of the book with some surprise elements thrown in to rouse the interest. You can include in brief the contents and summarize what one would gain after reading the book. Ensure the reader gets what is mentioned here within the book contents.

It will be great to include the author profile and his personal details and experience. It will reinsure the audience to choose the book by looking at the author credentials.

Content quality and authenticity reign supreme

An engaging and easy to read language develops a keen interest in the reader. Do thorough research on the subject especially if it is technical know-how and focus on content quality. An eBook for that matter does not have the concept of ‘page’ and the content can run into multiple swipes which after a point can become taxing for the reader. Ensure that the content is to the point and not beating about the bush. It goes without saying that grammatical and punctuation errors are best avoided.

There can be certain formatting and layout challenges while converting to eBooks. Tabular text or heavy graphics require robust devices such as Apple iPhone, Kindle Fire etc. as they can render faster and include features for content enhancement. In most cases, it is best to limit such design elements to benefit all readers with any kind of device at hand.

Nowadays, most eBook readers allow embedded text, audio, interactive content, hyperlinks that engage the reader with lively information at their fingertips. You can always look out for such options when working on the eBook conversion.

File size also is of considerable importance due to bandwidth limitations. It is advisable to limit the size of graphics and other embedded content to optimum standards for a robust reading experience and faster access.

Get the Metadata information correct

A more technical requirement for any eBook store is to provide more accurate metadata. This information is useful in locating your book amongst thousands of others in the store. In the metadata information, you can define the title, subtitle, genre, publishing date, description, keywords, ISBN, contributors, description, BISAC category codes, pricing etc. Keep all information ready when uploading to the eBook store.  In general, it describes the book to enable a more accurate search of the store. The metadata information connects the prospective reader and helps in increasing sale value.

How should you sell the book?

A major challenge for the first-time eBook publisher is to put the best attractive pricing. You should also consider the reach of the audience and any promotional offers which go along with it to park the price. Most stores allow changing the price after the book is published and you can surely experiment with the pricing in the long run.

Look for ways and means to spread awareness of the presence of your book through social media promotions. Some stores also promote the book at and additional cost which can also be beneficial. Overall, pricing should not be the prime focus. If the content is appealing, you should see fabulous results with time.

Understand the royalty calculations on the bookstore to estimate the pricing you should expect in the billing cycle considering various deductions and cut-offs. Some stores also consider the file size which can affect the returns to a certain extent. Read the pricing method thoroughly to avoid disappointments. This can also help you in setting up attractive pricing.

For more clarity, you can reach out to any eBook publishing company to provide more details.

How Reality Premedia can help you publish your first eBook

One eBook production company you can rely on is Reality Premedia. It has been in this industry for more than a decade and has helped several first-time eBook authors to set up their books online. We provide end to end eBook publishing services from book layout to uploading the eBook to the store and even managing the promotions.

We have a team of 20 eBook professionals who can help you convert your Word or PDF file to eBook formats like ePub, kindle in a short time span. We have experts who can guide you through the several steps and offer solutions to book enhancements, animation and interactivity.

We have worked on multiple book genres from fictional storybooks, children’s books, to scientific and other non-fictional variety with excellent results.

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