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Ebook Publishing Services

We have been partnering with Publishers for their Premedia and Technology needs for two decades. Publishers need to make both Print and eBooks available to markets in the shortest possible time. Reality Premedia publishing solutions provides authors and publishers with easy to publish files developed on industry standard software / tools and delivered in format of their choice – digital or print. We ensure that this requirement is met within budget and on time.

We also offer website & mobile application development services. We have developed our own white labelled eReader application for iOS, Android and Web which we license to publishers, corporates & others for perpetual use.

Our new services include Augmented Reality applications for Publishers to make print book reading more engaging for the readers.

For many publishers we offer backend support services. This includes maintaining their backend and websites, content migration and conversion from one format to another – for example from XML to PDF , Quark to InDesign and Flash to HTML.

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Publishing Solution Services - Reality Premedia

Book Typesetting

We help publishers to typeset and layout books. We can work to Publishers specs or can also offer our book consultant services to suggest design layout, fonts, style to match the genre of your book. We create print ready PDFs as per publishers guidelines. We can also convert print books as per the submission guidelines of Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, Lulu, PrintNinja among others.

We use Adobe InDesign and Quark Xpress as our primary software to ensure proper formatting, proper letter spacing, word spacing and hyphenation.

Input files accepted

Cost to Typeset

The cost of typesetting depends upon the total page count and the type of the book. A book with complex tables and lists takes more time & efforts as compared to a simple book with just text. The pricing starts from 40 cents per page (Novels)

Why Choose us for typesetting?

  • Scalability. Currently our typesetting & composition services can handle 20 book covers and 20 book layouts a week but can easily scale if required.
  • Can format books for Print, Online publishing & eBooks as well
  • Accustomed with submission guidelines of all major Print and POD platforms.
  • Quick Turnaround Time

A book sells by its cover. A book buyer is trained to pick up books that have a certain look for a certain category. It doesn’t matter how good your story is, there are people who need extra push to buy your book. An eye-candy Book Cover Design can provide that push. We design book covers that grab attention, not in bookshelves but also on online stores. We have the team of best book cover designers and industry experts to make custom cover designs that will help to sell copies and provide reading pleasure to your readers.

We have several years of experience in helping Book publishers to create stunning Book Cover Designs. We have a team of 25 Book cover designers who are adept in tools like Photoshop, CorelDraw & InDesign to design beautiful and attractive covers. We also do 3D cover design for online promotion and sales. Book cover designing includes front cover, back cover as well as spine ( for print books ). For Hardbound books, it also includes design of inner flaps.

We provide cover designs which support multiple print platform like CreateSpace, Lightning Source or Lulu as well as eBook platforms like Amazon, Apple & others.

Inputs required

Artistic brief is usually shared by the author / publishers where the concept of the book is provided. A brief synopsis is provided by the author giving the artist an idea about his preference for the book cover. For print book covers, we need to know the dimension of the book and the page count ( for designing the spine ) along with the printer’s guidelines.

Cost to Design Book covers

Book cover designing charges start from USD 70. It includes two covers concepts and refinement of one concept.

The growing trend of reading eBooks has led to a massive spurt in the popularity of eBook services. If you are looking to publish an e-book, you will surely need ebook Conversion Services. Automated conversion services have no the guarantee of quality. For the best eBook Conversion, Reality Premedia is a trusted company. We will convert your Digital or Print manuscript into device compatible files which can be read on tablets, smartphones, Kindle or any popular e-reader devices. We can also handle indexing, footnotes, animations & interactivity in eBooks.

Our Journey in this domain

We started converting Print to eBooks in Mid 2000 in then popular formats like .Lit, .PBD and .OEB. However eBooks picked up pace after the introduction of iPad in 2009. Kindle has been there but eBook reading took an upward swing with iBooks. We established a dedicated team that has been working with publishers to convert their eBooks to most popular formats – ePub and Mobi. We convert around 200-250 eBooks a month – handling all kinds of book right from simple trade books to interactive / Read Aloud Children’s eBooks. We have done around 20,000+ eBooks till date.

In eBooks we can do complex interactive quiz and games, add animations, add video & audios, and make Read Aloud eBooks as well.

Input files accepted

ePublishing Solutions - Reality Premedia

We take scanned files as well as hard copies of the books.

Cost to convert to eBook formats

Our pricing starts from 35 cents per page and can go upto USD 2 per page. It depends upon the format required and the complexity of the book. A simple fiction book with only text will cost you 35 cents per page. Footnotes, indexing and additional features are charged additionally. After considering the design and formatting complexity, we give our final quotation to clients. Once agreed, our team starts the ebook formatting.

Why Choose us for eBook conversion?

  • Experience of handling eBooks since last two decades.
  • Dedicated team of 25 people working exclusively for eBook conversion
  • Bulk Discounts if you have 10 or more books
  • 1000+ clients served and 20,000+ eBooks converted
  • Well versed with all platforms and devices

Why Print on Demand

  • Extremely cost-effective for short-runs and low volumes (as low as $3 per book)
  • Reduce your inventory costs (Publishers claim 60% inventory cost reduction)
  • Fulfillment time reduced considerably (end to end turnaround time of min. 3 days is possible)
  • Print Quality better than offset, thanks to our state-of-the art digital print machinery
  • We can deliver your book in a few days of turnaround time. Please contact us for more details and pricing.
eReader Application Solutions - Reality Premedia

Platforms Supported





Web Services




AR has an important role to play in creating new age digital experiences for readers. Our theory is that the digital experience of a book, should not be an exact replica of the print book. Publishers need to prepare digital content as an incentive for the reader. There needs to be a reward for downloading the digital experience as compared to the print book. This presentation shares 9 ideas on how AR can be integrated in children books. These Augmented Reality books can have direct impact on sales revenues



Augmenting a New Life To Books!

Our Mission

To introduce readers and publishers to interactivity levels never witnessed before.

Our mission is to take content and augment it to different mediums that make print reading more entertaining and knowledgeable. It’s about creating unique and exhilarating experiences for readers!

Our Expertise

Using the power of AR, clean design and high-level coding, we can now take existing print content and add multiple layers of 2D, 3D and gaming experiences.

Our team is well versed in 3D & 2D content development, Unity game design and programming, AR Programming.

How We Do It!

Our teams are experts in developing content and deploying mobile and desktop apps for AR. We work with all types of Augmented Reality engines and SDKs including  Wikitude, Vuforia, Unity, Total Immersion, Ar Labs etc. and are also well versed in using Kinects. Leap motion, Occulus, etc.

Handcrafted Storytelling

This video is an Augmented Reality implementation of the Little Iti book. Little ITI travels the globe in her dreams and visits animals from different places. Using Augmented Reality we have enhanced the reading experience for kids by recreating the scenes in 3d. A fun and interactive experience for kids.

Handycrafted Storytelling using Augmented Reality

Color Me – AR Coloring Book

Augmented reality for Color Book Publishing - Reality Premedia

The Color Me app demo is a fun and innovative idea that brings coloring books to life using Augmented Reality. This demo is a culmination of our love for Minions and Augmented Reality. Children can add any colors to the minion drawings. Once they are done with the coloring, parents can download the app and scan the image to view the creations in 3d in the children’s colors! A perfect reward for children and an excellent use-case for integrating AR in children books.

Content migration is required for any publisher moving to newer platforms & technology. With our Content Migration Service, you can be rest assured that your legacy data will be migrated quickly and accurately. We follow “Human-approach” for content migration – involving a team of people doing the work of copying and pasting the content from one platform to another, as well as manually ensuring that the layout is exactly retained.

We will establish the correct production processes as per your requirement to achieve accuracy and consistent results. We specialize in the conversion of Quark documents to Adobe InDesign. We also do conversions from electronic or hard copy format to the desired format, including SGML/XML/HTML and DTDs.


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