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Book Typesetting

We provide book typesetting & formatting services and help publishers to typeset and layout books. We can work to Publishers specs or can also offer our book consultant services to suggest design layout, fonts, style to match the genre of your book. We create print ready PDFs as per publishers guidelines. We can also convert print books as per the submission guidelines of Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, Lulu, PrintNinja among others.

While book typesetting, we check that there are no orphans and widows in the text, fix ladders (many hyphenated words at end of line), fix rivers of white which are patterns which are distracting to the reader. Check and fix any overly tight or loose text to make sure the document has an elegant and uniform feel.

We use Adobe InDesign and Quark Xpress as our primary software to ensure proper formatting, proper letter spacing, word spacing and hyphenation.

Input files accepted

Cost to Typeset

The cost of typesetting depends upon the total page count and the type of the book. A book with complex tables and lists takes more time & efforts as compared to a simple book with just text. The pricing starts from 40 cents per page (Novels)

Why Choose us for typesetting?

  • Scalability. Currently our book typesetting services can handle 20 book covers and 20 book layouts a week but can easily scale if required.
  • Can format books for Print, Online publishing & eBooks as well
  • Accustomed with submission guidelines of all major Print and POD platforms.
  • Quick Turnaround Time

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