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    3D Modelling & Rendering Services In Furniture Industry

    As a 3D furniture modelling and rendering firm, we provide first-rate and holistic furniture images for top-tier furniture manufacturers and suppliers all over the world. Our experts are capable of not only 3D product modelling, but also delivering stunning 3D rendered images for a wide range of product lines; you name it, and we’ve got it covered. We are proud of our team of qualified and creative individuals who are capable of creating high-end, accurate, and detailed 3D product models that can help your business grow.

    Any furniture manufacturer nowadays understands that furniture is the face of every room and attempts to make it as attractive as possible. We create accurate 3D models of the products which can be used on your website to give the end user 360 view of the product and hence increasing confidence before purchase. Also the same models an be used as a part of an Augmented Reality Application for Furniture giving your customer the ability to visualize the product in their real environment before deciding to buy the product. We do have the skillsets to develop such Augmented Reality Applications for your website.

    3D Furniture Rendering is the most efficient method for exhibiting and displaying furniture with a clear understanding of size, color, features, and any other information that a customer wants to see before making a purchase decision. 3D rendered images are fast replacing photoshoots as there are no hassles of logistics and the time to market is quicker as well.

    Photorealistic 3d furniture rendering

    Our Samples

    Chair 3d rendering Furniture
    Chair 3d modeling Furniture
    Sofa 3d Furniture rendering
    Sofa 3d Furniture modeling
    How It Works - 3D Furniture Modeling

    Every stage of “How It Works” has been designed to be simple yet effective for improved understanding and decision-making, so you may present your furniture in a stunning manner and expand your consumer base.

    We would begin modelling after receiving the inputs. The modelling step will resemble the image above. We’ll show you three to four various angles so you can assess the model’s correctness.

    1. Please share the CAD files of your product or the files with full dimensions
    2. Share all the color swatches.
    3. Once you confirm the model, we’ll show you the textured version, so you can check the texture proportions. Depending on the lighting, the color may vary somewhat.
    4. After that, you must tell us which camera angles you require. We’ll present you with 5-6 options from which to choose. It’s possible to make minor adjustments to the angle.
    5. After that, we do the lighting and then freeze the camera angles.
    6. We can place the product in a lifestyle setting and share Lifestyle images as well as per your requirement.
    Desk Furniture rendering
    Desk furniture modeling

    Why Should You Hire Us to Provide 3D Product Modeling Services?

    Customers can rely on Reality Premedia Service for reliable 3D product modelling solutions. Client product samples are properly designed, sculpted, and modelled as part of our 3D product modelling services. Our experienced team is constantly focused on paying close attention to the smallest of details while ensuring high standards of data security. On the basis of international standards and excellent technical expertise, we deliver premium and on-time project delivery.

    International Standards Certifications
    Attention to detail
    On time project delivery
    Strong technical knowledge
    Format that is simple to use
    Data security at the highest level
    The most up-to-date concepts, tools, and technology
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