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A book sells by its cover. A book buyer is trained to pick up books that have a certain look for a certain category. It doesn’t matter how good your story is, there are people who need extra push to buy your book. An eye-candy Book Cover Design can provide that push. We provide book cover designing services and create book covers that grab attention, not in bookshelves but also on online stores. We have the team of best book cover designers and industry experts to make custom cover designs that will help to sell copies and provide reading pleasure to your readers. We are not only skilled in designing print book covers but also provide eBook cover designing services.

We have several years of experience in helping Book publishers to create stunning Book Cover Designs. We have a team of 25 Book cover designers who are adept in tools like Photoshop, CorelDraw & InDesign to design beautiful and attractive covers. We also do 3D cover design for online promotion and sales. Book cover designing includes front cover, back cover as well as spine ( for print books ). For Hardbound books, it also includes design of inner flaps.

We provide cover designs which support multiple print platform like CreateSpace, Lightning Source or Lulu as well as eBook platforms like Amazon, Apple & others.

Inputs required

Artistic brief is usually shared by the author / publishers where the concept of the book is provided. A brief synopsis is provided by the author giving the artist an idea about his preference for the book cover. For print book covers, we need to know the dimension of the book and the page count ( for designing the spine ) along with the printer’s guidelines.

Cost to Design Book covers

Book cover designing charges start from USD 70. It includes two covers concepts and refinement of one concept.


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