eBook Production Services : Behind the Scene

eBook Production Services : Behind the Scene

Most Publishers now a days go ahead and release their books in both the formats – Print as well as eBook format. There are many premedia production companies in India which do offer all the services which a publishing house may need to release their books in print & digital format. Reality Premedia Services is a three decade old company based in India and offering eBook publishing services along with book typesetting and cover designing. Whether you are planning to distribute eBooks via Apple and Amazon or have your own distribution platform, you need to ensure that you convert your books to eBooks using services of a good eBook production company.

At Reality Premedia, our digital consultants help you to choose between various formats that are available after your decide to go for ebook conversion for your books. While ePub is a universal eBook format, Amazon using its own proprietary format .mobi for eBook distribution. Also your content can be converted to either reflowable format or fixed layout format depending upon its layout. Illustrated books , Recipe books, Children Books etc. looks best when converted to fixed layout format. However our consultants explain you the pros and cons of each format so that we select the best format for your books; and will be happy to convert some sample pages for you.

Once the formats are finalized, then the next step followed by eBook production company is to extract the text from the files. Once the text is extracted then the book is converted to eBook formats using HTML tagging. While tagging, care is taken to make sure that the eBook looks as close as possible to the print format. While fixed layout eBook format is an exact replica of print PDF, the formatting in reflowable eBook formats is slightly different. Also reflowable or standard eBook format doesn’t have the concept of pages .

Once the eBook production is completed, it is important to test the eBooks so produced on various devices viz iPhone, iPad, Android devices, Samsung Tablets etc. Along with this, there are many desktop previewers like Kindle Previewer and Adobe Digital Edition. Most eBook Publishing companies test the ebooks on these before submitting it to the publisher. Reality Premedia follows all these steps with due diligence to ensure that the publishers gets their books converted to ebooks after 100% QA.

What do we offer under if you outsource ebook Production to us:-

· Ability to create interactive eBooks

· Add audio, videos, quiz and animations to eBooks

· Develop Read Aloud books for Children

· Support in distributing to various platforms

· Quick turnaround times of 72 hours

· Rates starting from 35 cents per page

· Surplus Samples to demonstrate

· Free Sample conversion

· Digital Promotion of book on various channels

We want to publishers to focus on their core services while we make sure that we follow processes carefully and help you release Books and eBooks in various formats confidently and on time. You can rely on us for your eBook conversion as well as any prepress needs. To know more about our eBook conversion services , please write to [email protected]