Why you need 3D product modelling and rendering for business promotion?

Why you need 3D product modelling and rendering for business promotion

In today’s fast paced world, when everything is available at a click on the phone, it becomes essential to give customers a real time feel of the products that are not physically present before them. 3D models of products increase customer engagement with the products and help them in making a quick decision.

3D models of products can be used to place on the website, mobile app or share with the audience on any digital platforms.

Product whether it is made for end users or businesses, customers always prefer to see it before going ahead with the purchase. Product purchases are done either through the eCommerce sites or by contacting retailers / manufacturers. In either case the customer wants to visualize the product. While images give the look and feel of the product from various angles, product 3D modelling helps to visualize the product in true sense.
What 3D product rendering do in businesses?

Retailers generally use 3D modelling service to showcase their products on the ecommerce sites or even for promoting the products on social media platforms. Imagine shopping for a tiny decorative piece in a shop from the picture on the box or seeing it yourself in your hand, Exactly that is the difference between the product images shown from a couple of angles and shown in 3D video format when one is shopping online. This applies to 3D product rendering of electronic items like a refrigerator or a furniture piece like a dining table. 3D models can further be used to give a product experience to your audience by using Augmented Reality. 3D product rendering is commonly used in businesses like retail, automobile, electronic, furniture, sanitary ware.

3D modelling and rendering plays equally important role even in B to B business interactions. 3D modelling of components, heavy machinery or even the manufacturing plants becomes very useful to reach out to the decision makers and helps in making decisions faster. 3D models even help to explain the product features in easy and interesting ways.

3D modelling of characters is also needed commonly to make animated videos, films, stories, ads etc. These are used by many brands to promote their products on social media platforms. Short 3D animated videos with a storyline helps to convey product and brand messages in a very effective way which can be a series / campaign planned at a regular interval. Various 3D models and characters are developed to make these videos.

Input files required for 3D rendering:

3D product rendering companies use AutoCAD files of the products to make the 3D model. These files help to achieve exact dimensions of the products and make them look real. For the products which are already existing, product images are used to achieve the texture colour etc. 3D modelling companies even make models for the products which are not yet ready.

Other uses of 3D modelling:

3D models can easily be used for online promotions, website, social media platform. They can further be used for Augmented Reality experience of the products or making virtual experience centers or a Virtual Reality application. 3D animated videos of the products or making a promotional series using characters.

We provide 3D modelling and rendering services to below industries:

  • Automobile
  • Retail and FMCG Products
  • Home appliances
  • Furniture
  • Manufacturing
  • Game asset designs