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How Augmented Reality services Enhance Your Entire Sales Process ? (2024)

How Augmented Reality services Enhance Your Entire Sales Process

Augmented Reality has come a long way since its inception in the 90s. Over the period its application has evolved from merely putting a face filter and having fun with it to some serious business applications. The recent COVID 19 pandemics has necessitated innovative ways and means to reach the relevant target audience especially when inviting prospects and customers to your business center is a limiting factor. One of the highly efficient ways that emerged through the clutter is Augmented Reality assisted sales.

Through the convenience of a handheld device such as a smartphone be it on Android or iOS, your products and services can reach your prospects remotely. An AR app can be distributed on the app store or can also be limited depending on the business needs. It can also be used as an effective means to train the salesforce and empower the sales team through the power of technology.

1. Augmented Reality offers visually engaging content

Reality Premedia Services is one of the top Augmented Reality technology companies in India that creates and develops visually engaging content inhouse. Imagine, visiting an automotive showroom virtually through an AR app. You can interact with your favourite car, customize its colours and graphics, and learn about its features through content hot spots with a single tap of your finger.  Making an informed decision to buy a product or services can be achieved with an Augmented Reality App. A well thought, thoroughly executed AR content has a logical flow and yet it can be woven into a convincing storyline. A customer desires a beautiful walk through during a visit or demo. Let them have their time to appreciate the features, interact, feel the product.

2. Gaining eyeballs and lead baits – 

It is paramount to create awareness, ignite interest and fan the prospect’s desire to own your products and services in any sales process. A visually rich and engaging content developed and delivered through the best Augmented Reality apps makes the life of your sales team easier. Your content comes alive in a real environment and that increases chances of your leads moving on to the next level of prospecting. Such a magical transformation and realization is possible through Augmented Reality. Afterall our human eyes seek magic in everything we see around. Use AR App development to enchant your sales leads.

3. Enhance customer experience –

Use of Augmented Reality App in your branding and sales strategy significantly increases brand recall value, thanks to the topmost experience your customers will have. It simply adds the “Wow!” factor in your sales presentation, brand activation activities and points of contact with your customer. A customer impressed with the experience will have your products and services on the top-of-mind recall, always. Moreover, it is universally accepted that customers do like to see and feel your product and services in the first call itself. How about making the first impression the best? It will stay with them forever.

4. Reduce decision making time –

For any sales process, the customer needs to be convinced of the value they’ll get from your products and services. Through AR aided app, showcasing the value through convincing visuals and engaging content becomes apparent to the prospects. They would cut down on taking time to arrive at a purchase decision since the Augmented Reality experience has given them the visual taste of your products and services.

5. Cost cutting – 

Won’t it be economical to have an Augmented Reality App built instead of allocating heavy budgets for developing physical experience centers and showrooms, printing marketing collaterals & having staff heavy operations? Sometimes, transporting heavy equipment and installing them at physical centers can be daunting. There would be space constraints and not all product range can be showcased, especially in expos. Getting a top-notch AR App from one of India’s best Augmented Reality companies will help in cutting cost and the AR App can be used multiple times and on multiple devices.

If you are looking forward to upping your game in business with the help of new media, look no further. At Reality Premedia Services, we have in-house capabilities to help you build your Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality strategies for effective integration of your products and services to reach, convince and convert prospects for your business success.

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