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Know about customized eBook Publishing and eBook Conversion Services In India

Know about customized eBook Publishing and eBook Conversion Services In India


India has always been a land for outsourcing as skilled and cheap labour is available easily here. Outsourcing is a very commonly used term in premedia industry as well. Covid-19 led all organisations to think and implement the ways to cut down cost. Cost reduction is a top agenda for many businesses including publishers. And of course outsourcing Premedia and eBook conversion services  to India helps to reap the benefits of cheap labour. At the same time, eBook publishing is a one time cost and doesn’t involve any per book cost , unlike print version. Hence eBooks publishing services has gained more popularity in the Covid-19 era and is expected to grow in Post-Covid times as well.

More than 50% of the publishers outsource their Premedia needs including Kindle conversion and ePub conversion services to India. Most of the business that India gets is from USA. There are a host of eBook conversion companies in India providing good quality ebook production services to publishers and authors across the globe. Most of these companies have skilled resources to convert the books from any format viz PDF, word, scanned pages etc. to popular eBook formats.  Factors that lead to majority of organisations outsourcing such work to India are:-

–          Reduction in cost

–          Fast turnaround time as large teams are there

–          Work during night hours of the native country

–          Multiple other services being offered. Many companies offer design, typesetting, cover designing as well as eBook conversion services as a package

–          No worries about training & attrition

–          Overall reduction in burden

–          Better quality of eBook formats produced

To ensure that you select the best ebook publication services company, do a thorough check and research. Insist for their sample work before you start actual business with them. A good eBook conversion company will also share the process that they follow for conversion and Quality assurance. They won’t mind doing a few revisions till the publisher is happy with the final outcome. The following checklist can be used before you shortlist the vendor for eBook production.

–          Years in business

–          Years of experience in eBook conversions

–          Other package services that they offer – typesetting, cover designing etc.

–          Samples shared

–          Manual or Automated eBook Conversion process

–          QA process

–          Communication

–          Turnaround time

–          And ofcourse Cost

Many ebook production  companies may offer the same services at a lesser cost but they may be using the free tools available online. Such tools do not maintain the formatting of the books and many times books converted using free tools are rejected by the eBook store. A cheap cost has many hidden reason – so try to check their process and manpower skill sets for sure.

India is definitely a booming industry for Premedia outsourcing.  Reduce your investments and management burden by outsourcing Premedia work to India but be careful while you select the best vendor for eBook conversion.