eBook Conversion The need of the hour

eBook Conversion – The Need of the Hour

We are living in a busy world, despite this we do find time to immerse our heads into reading books which appeal to us most. We have made this a habit over the years, even as we grew up. Now with so many authors publishing their work across the world, we are keen to search for the best reading material, as instantly as we can. As time is crucial, we keep ourselves organised with our favourite selection of best reads and never lose a moment to shuffle a few pages at the best available opportunity.The present situation has further given us those rare moments where we can find time to rekindle our interest in books.

Print books vs. eBooks

Long gone are the days, when we would visit our neighbourhood bookstore and spend time on making the right selection. There could be occasions when we had to return home empty handed as our favourite book was just out of sale and we would have to wait until fresh copies were ordered. The other fact was the trouble of adding extra weight to the baggage during travel and limited bookshelf space in the room. The average cost of the printed book also has risen in recent times due to rise in paper, printing and dispatch costs. With eBook conversion companies providing efficient conversion services to convert  books to eBook formats, life of readers has become easier.

Technology has now provided multiple options to convert books to ebooks and make our reading experience better. Using HTML and JavaScript at the core, we can now digitally convert any hard copy material to electronic book format, more commonly known as ebook. The ebook is a digital version of the original hard copy which can be published online and downloaded across the globe using the internet. This ebook can be comfortably viewed on desktops and mobile devices at any place and time. We now have robust devices such as ipad, kindle, nook and numerous book reading apps on our mobile phones to bring the ebooks in our own hands. Numerous online ebook stores offer a wide range of books on various subjects which can be easily downloaded to the devices instantly which saves us time and other logistic hassels.

Benefits of eBook conversion

With the advent of the self-publishing facility offered by publishing stores, many new authors have benefitted by publishing their own books online. Many first time authors have gained popularity by publishing ebooks and earned fame and fortune in a very short span of time. There is also a print-on-demand facility being offered by most stores to allow printing a digital ebook only when it is required. Some additional enhancements like audio, video, user interactions can also be included to enrich the content and make it appealing. Numerous books specially for children can be created using such features to engage the reader for hours on end. Interactive ebooks add more value to the content by enabling the reader to get more involved and be more imaginative. 

Although self-publishing is a very easy process, there are some technicalities involved for properly setting up the ebook to cater to every device that it would land on. Here is where you need experts to ensure that all of the content in the original is meticulously converted to ensure book-like reading experience. 

Why choose the best eBook conversion company?

A good ebook conversion house can help the authors to easily publish the content online without having to worry about publishing costs, promotion, logistics and security. These service providers have trained personnel to understand the author requirement and deliver high quality products as per requirement. Based on the content, the eBook conversion service provider can render the best possible output in reflowable (fluid) or fixed layout format. They ensure that all the content including images, graphs, tables, charts are rendered just as in the original book irrespective of the device being used. Moreover any change to the content can be easily done on the fly without having to go for reprint and incurring additional costs. Most online stores have multiple promotional features to enable wider audience reach across all geographical locations.

All said, with the present scenario of working from home, ordering ebooks online is the best option available. More and more people of all ages, be it school going children, collegiates, professionals and educationists are now willing to move to this format and provide a more robust online reading experience to the audience. Ebooks are surely the need of the hour.