The growing trend of reading eBooks has led to a massive spurt in the popularity of eBook services. At Reality Premedia, we believe in staying at the top of the game and following all the main updates so as to ensure that we deliver cutting edge services to our customers.

We specialize in the Best of eBook Conversion Services and here we are going to familiarize you with all the key details you need to know.

eBook Conversion Market Growth: Some Facts & Stats

First of all, you need to know how the market is constantly on the rise as far as eBooks are concerned. When Amazon launched their Kindle in 2007, it created a huge buzz as publishers and authors alike wanted to tap the most of this channel. Soon enough flurries of authors and publishers wanted their eBook in the market so that they could target a larger mass and make good profits out of it.

In 2008, the sales from eBook were merely 1% of the total publishing trade revenue. However, this figure slowly climbed to 23% in 2012 itself and further jumped up to 33% in 2014. This number is on the rise and indicates the kind of whopping popularity which eBooks have to offer.

So, you too should try and tap the most of this especially if you are a budding author and even a publisher. We are listed as one of the eBook Publication Services and our top-notch conversions services further make us stand apart from the crowd.

Benefits of eBooks for first-time Authors.



In fact, ever since eBooks came into vogue, there has been a surge in the trend of self-publishing. With merely a little knowledge and the right guidance, authors these days can relish their dream of becoming a published author.

Customizations As You Want

At Reality Premedia, we understand your emotions and sentiments attached with your manuscript and this is why we are willing to walk the extra mile to ensure that the eBook conversion services which we offer are tailored as per your needs, demands, and expectations.
The new trend

The New Trends

Further, it is the trending way of reading books and you can cater to a massive target base without having to worry about geographical boundaries, the cost of international shipping and so on. All you need to do is sit back and let your readers download the book on the web and read it on their own will.

Quicker Service

Not only this, when you choose to opt for eBooks, the overall time which is entailed from the moment you submit the manuscript to the final release gets a whole lot shorter. Traditional book formats required quite a lot of time for printing and the whole process had a long waiting time.
Print on demand

Print on Demand

We also offer the print on demand services wherein only when there is a request from a customer, you can order a print. Not having to manually print the pages will cut down your expenses significantly.

Possibilities in eBook Conversion & Design Services


eBooks Conversion Supported Formats.

We believe in versatility and when you are choosing eBook Conversion Services, ideally you should have more than one format.
When you can offer your book in a variety of formats, it will help you cater to a wider mass of people as compared to a specific narrowed down list of selected readers.

  • Microsoft Word
  • Adobe PDF
  • Adobe InDesign
  • HTML and Text
  • Printed Books, Material
  • XML
  • QuarkXPress
  • Scanned files
  • Pages
  • Rich text
  • Others
  • Mobi – Kindle
  • ePub2
  • ePub3
  • Fixed Layout ePub
  • Read Aloud ePub
  • Fixed Layout KF8
  • Enhanced ePub
  • Interactive eBooks
  • Smashwords
  • Microsoft Lit
  • Pdb (Palm devices) and others

If you have any one or more books that you want to Convert to Kindle or convert to ePub or any other eBook format, please drop us an email at We assure you best and error-free eBook Conversion Services with Faster Turnaround Time with Affordable Rates, 100% Customer Services Satisfaction. Try Once Ask for free Sample Today.

Why us?

The Experience

The Experience

There is no dearth of eBook publishing companies in India, but it is the blend of expertise and experience which makes us a preferred choice. Reality Premedia has been doing a consistent work and we have published a lot of eBooks and that too in multiple formats.
Dedicated Teams

Dedicated Teams

We have dedicated teams that strive to ensure that the formatting is done precisely and they leave no scope for any errors.
Value Saver Packs

Value Saver Packs

Further, to help you cut down the cost and get the most out of the market, we offer combined value packages for different services. Apart from formatting, conversion to multiple formats, we also specialize in promotion, distribution, and release as well.


We have worked with more than 1,000 clients and each one of us has rated us positively owing to the exceptional work that we have managed to do so far.
Versatile Services

Versatile Services

At Reality Premedia, you will find multiple formats support both for input file and even the output one. So, regardless of what you are looking for, feel free to reach out to us.
Fair Pricing

Fair Pricing

We also believe in the structure of Fair Pricing and this is the reason, we have been sticking to the right pricing model for all our clients. On top of it, we also offer great deals and discounts from time to time.
Real Time Help

Real Time Help

You can always contact our support and seek real time help and updates for your project. We believe that clients deserve to know the progress and this is why we strive to offer smooth communication.



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