2021 is an era of ebooks

2021 Is An Era Of eBooks!

2021 Is An Era Of eBooks

What makes a book a Book? Is it just anything that stores & communicate information? Or does it have to do with paper binding, font, ink, or the smell of the pages? Is this a book? Probably not. To answer this question, we need to understand how these elements came together to make something more than the sum of their parts.

The earliest object that we think of as a book is the codex, a stack of pages bound along one edge. But the real turning point in book history was Johannes Gutenberg’s printing press in the mid-15th century. The invention of paper by China in the late 16th century made printing less expensive.

In the 21st century, conventional books are getting replaced by eBooks. Readers prefer those more because the words are more important to them than the medium. Also, the cost & availability of eBooks has made reading more convenient & comfortable. Most importantly, eBooks are better for the environment as we are not cutting trees; all the content is electronic.

For writers, working on an eBook is even more exciting. eBooks can produce income for the future as a passive income source.

For a long time now, writing a book has been a way to open many more doors beyond the revenue you get from the book itself. Given enough time and exposure, an excellent eBook (or series of books) can provide both revenue and a doorway to greater things.

You can use an eBook as an “ethical bribe” to get people to sign up for your email list and to make it a cornerstone of an ongoing business relationship. An eBook that only gets the prospect to sign up for your email list isn’t living up to its potential. Those “ethical bribes” need to entice the prospect to act, and they also need to further the professional

relationship to build the case for an eventual purchase. From a business perspective, there are multiple benefits of eBooks such as eBooks are used for,

  • opt-ins, lead magnets, reports
  • build email lists
  • product information, coursework
  • instructional manual, blueprints
  • training, education
  • corporate pdf’s, whitepapers
  • monetize writing skills

As you’re deciding the role an eBook might play in your business strategy, remember that you don’t have to call it an eBook. In fact, eBooks in other guises can be powerful business boosters. If you offer B2B products or services, at least some of your eBooks will probably be white papers.

No matter what your grandma may have told you, books are inevitably judged by their covers. Readers will notice your book’s cover before anything else, so it needs to make a good impression. In fact, a conventional or sloppy design can drive people away. That’s why professional help from eBook cover design services is so worthwhile, especially for self-published authors.

Hence outsourcing eBook publishing to eBook conversion companies is the easiest way for every writer to get into the market. Our eBook conversion specialists personally handle every eBook file they receive. We’ll transform your digital manuscript into a quality-assured, eBook-compatible file that can be read on smartphones, tablets, Kindle, iPad.

Reality premedia services – the best eBook publication services, among the leading eBook production companies, is helping authors/publishers transform their new and established works into digital form. We offer eBook design, creation, production, and eBook conversion services to
our global clients. We are one of the best premedia companies in India, well-versed in technical development as per eBook standards and specifications, eBook design and production. We convert content from a single source into multiple formats, delivering a digital experience and engaging the reader.

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