Unlock the incredible potential of Augmented Reality for your business in 2021

Unlock the incredible potential of Augmented Reality for your business in 2021

Augmented Reality applications can be made in different ways for different businesses. As per the various stats and studies, use of Augmented Reality will increase in 2021 and in the next few years as buyers are getting used to this experience whether it is retail shopping or making a purchase from the manufacturing company. Augmented Reality in manufacturing industry can be used as a marketing tool whereas AR in retail helps end users to experience a product before purchase, travel and tourism may use AR to give engaging experience to customers. Augmented Reality companies offer different solutions for different businesses and that is how it becomes a distinguishing media to include in the communication strategy.

One can choose from marker based or marker-less application depending on the nature of the business as well as the objective of the App. Top Augmented Reality development companies in India generally cover all these aspects. Apart from the development of the AR app these augmented reality technology companies also provide services like developing the content which is to be shown as 3D objects, animation etc

Augmented Reality applications are frequently used at exhibitions or also to make the workplace as an experience center. All you need is just a smart device to be handed over to the visitor and let them experience and see all the information themselves. Each poster or branding material can be used here as a marker.

Marker based AR apps: This can be used typically to show lot of information which cannot be captured in the literature you circulate with your audience. You can simply ask your audience to download your AR app and scan the markers printed on various pages of the brochure/ newsletter etc to see the information which could be available in the form of 3D modeling, videos, audios, multiple images etc. This, not only increases users engagement with your product but the experience also gives a long term recall. Marker based Augmented Reality app can be used as a marketing tool by manufacturing, retail companies and also in the education sector.

Marker-less AR apps: These are useful where the product is required to be seen where it  is not present physically. For example a furniture AR app can be developed to give that experience of imagining the entire furniture set at a customer’s location before making a purchase. Similarly an automobile AR app can be developed to let the customers imagine the new car in their parking. It can also be made with the exact product dimensions.

AR for various businesses:

AR as marketing tool by a manufacturing company: This app is used by sales people to demonstrate various products to potential buyers in the 3D format and to give experience to visualize the product virtually. Not only this, they get to see the features of the product as well as videos for additional information.

AR as customer experience by a furniture / electronic appliances companies: Furniture Augmented Reality apps help customers to imagine furniture items or a sets at their own home/office before making the actual purchase. This helps furniture companies and e-commerce sites to expedite their customers decision to make the purchase.

AR as interactive feature for retail business: Retail businesses use Augmented Reality app by showing 3D model of the item to be purchased. They also use it to provide more information about the product by way of using hot spots. This becomes essential when it comes to online shopping which has become an integral part of today’s lifestyle. Also buyers are getting used to technology and digital experience and for every purchase they make they want to experience the product rather than static images.

AR to attract customers in automobile business: Automobile business is always dynamic. Customers always look for newer experiences. Augmented Reality helps them to imagine the car or a bike before actually going to the showroom. Augmented Reality in automobiles can be used as sales tool or for customer experience.