The eBook Publishing aircraft is ready to take off in India!

Here’s an interesting possibility to look at; almost every urban and semi-urban child in India will read an eBook in the next 6 months! Recent news from Amazon that the eBook sales have overtaken print book sales means a lot to Digital and traditional publishers as well. eBook sales are picking up and contribute 20% to 30 % of the total revenues for most major International publishers today like HarperCollins, Harlequin, Pearsons, Simon & Schuster.

While eBook sales are accelerating, the print book sales on the other hand are witnessing a steep decline. This reflects the acceptance of digital books by the print audience. eBooks are 30% of revenues in developed markets and are forecasted to be 10% of revenues in developing markets like India with the growth anticipated  to be three-fold.


Due to the limited knowledge regarding the array of features and formats available in digital publishing, publishers need the services of some specialized digital solution providers and consultants.

Reality Premedia services Pvt. Ltd. is an international Digital Publishing Technology solutions provider; catering to the multiple requirements of publishers by:

1) Creating eBooks that follow world standard best practices
2) Distributing eBooks to retailers across the globe (Apple, Amazon, B&N and others)
3) Giving control to the publishers by setting up ecommerce platforms from scratch
4) Building digital library models that will become mainstay in 2012
5) Providing an eReader (AZARDI) that can work on any device and any platform

There are early signs that eBooks are going to make a big impact in the Indian sub-continent in the coming years. Flipkart, India’s largest e-commerce company and BookGanga have already ventured into eBook infrastructure space, selling eBooks in India. Penguin India has also released eBooks by Indian authors. Right now, readers in India will be able to purchase eBooks from any of these retailers at international prices – Amazon, Apple, Kobo and Google, Gardners, Sony, OLF, Apabi, Go Spoken/Mobcast, OverDrive,, IGroup and Baker & Taylor.  A complete list of their eBooks will go on sale in India at local prices when the eBook industry develops further here.

Though the eBook market is still in its infancy stage in India and may have some teething problems also, like low eReader adoption and penetration rate, low internet penetration rate and eCommerce transactions (11%) etc. The Government has plans to have the Internet penetration rate of 25% by the end of 2015. With a huge population, a literacy rate of 75% and growing and a steady growth of infrastructure, India is definitely going to be a huge digital publishing market!


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