In-App Framework for Interactive books for iOS devices

This extends the app framework for books.   In- App framework for books allows the user to purchase additional episodes within the app itself besides providing all the other features from the app framework

What is this app framework for books capable of ?

  • Allows the user to swipe to move between pages
  • Smooth transitions between pages
  • Double click will bring in the page navigation view where in you can jump to any page
  • The framework is HTML5/CSS based. Any feature supported by this is supported in the app
  • Apple does not allow on load sound to play in HTML. We have written code to allow audio on load event. This is important in children’s books as you will have a “read to me” mode where in the audio narration should automatically start
  • Animations, Interactivity is supported through Javascript and HTML5
  • Purchase addtional  content/stories within the app itself

Our first title using this framework is now available on  Apple iTunes stores

Iti’s Dream:

Little Iti is a very imaginative and bubbly 7 year old. She loves animals. As she sleeps at night she get a strange and beautiful dream where she travels round the world across continents and she meets all her favorite animals. Together they create some amazing stories that you will love. See the world from the eyes of Iti – a world of fantasy.

In the first story Iti lands deep into an Indian Jungle and meets the tiger, baby monkey and the proud dancing peacocks.
Features :
> Fully animated Story book
> Sentence highlighting for young readers to follow story
> Read along with professional narration and interactivity on all screens

Continue on Iti’s journey as she journeys round the world. Ride the Giraffe and meet the angry Ostrich in the African wilderness. Hop with the Kangaroos and meet the fierce Dingo in the vast Australian plains. Dance with the Penguin and frolic with Dolphins, in the South Pole. Meet the Reindeer and have a feast with the Walrus in the North Pole. Explore South America with the Llama and avoid the Crocodile. And finally Roam the Wild West in the company of the Grizzly and the Eagle before returning back

You will be able to see the screenshots and get  Iti’s dream is available free at

This App has been optimized and is compatible iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later to run.


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