The Rise of Augmented Reality in Books and Magazines

Augmented Reality for Publishing

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality is an experience where our real world gets “augmented” with additional digital content after we scan a particular object, image or text (marker). It is becoming increasingly popular as AR ready smartphones and other devices become more accessible around the world. If you remember the Pokemon Go sensation of 2016, you know what is Augmented Reality. AR gained popularity because of this game. Though it has interesting application in games & entertainment but Augmented Reality is proving to be equally useful in education & books. But do we know what do we mean by Augmented Reality in Books

Augmented Reality in Books– What it is & how it helps both the reader and the publisher?

These books are like normal printed books but have a unique feature, when scanned using their associated Augmented Reality app, they provide reader with additional digital content. These books hence merge traditional text with digital content which can be a video, audio file, animation, a game etc. Augmented Reality in book & magazines is becoming popular now a days as readers want a better experience and richer content. When the AR app installed on any smartphone or any smart device with camera is launched and then pointed at the right marker , it triggers the additional digital content which becomes available to the reader.

Augmented Reality in books offer the students a better and enriched way of understanding the concepts in a book. Imagine a grade 4 student scanning an image in their science book can see the 3D model of the solar system. Learning becomes so much fun and engaging for them.

Augmented Reality also offers a unique experience when it comes to AR in coloring books. A little artist can fill in the colors of his choice in the coloring book and on scanning the same page with the AR app, he can see the character that he painted come Live ( 3D model ) and the most important thing is , in the colors that he chose. If he paints Mickey Mouse in green color, he can see a Green Mickey Mouse jumping here and there when he scans the same picture using the AR application for coloring book.

This unique technology also makes Children story books more interesting. AR in Children books enable the characters of the story books to come out of the book and make book reading more attractive for the young readers. Generally the publishers use the videos of the story books that they already have to create the AR apps for story books.

In magazines, the existing articles can definitely be made more informative by adding digital content but at the same time the magazine publishers can open up a new stream of revenue. The advertisements in the magazines can be enhanced by using Augmented Reality in Magazines. The readers can make a purchase while reading a magazine:

1) He scans the ad
2) Gets more information about the product / service
3) Clicks on the Buy button
4) Places an order

With this new technology or format of AR books, reading and learning is becoming more experiential. Reading and Re- reading to know more and explore more is on rise with the use of Augmented Reality in books.