A Big Bang! For Your Startup Ebook Publishing Venture- 5 Handy Tips

There’s never been a better time to publish an ebook than now! Think of how convenient and simple it is to upload your document file in Kindle Direct Publishing along with some tweaking on the design. Before you know it, your ebook is up for sale in the Kindle Store.

Blogging has been a compelling trend for more than a decade. If you’ve been fond of featuring your website articles or blog posts, how about taking your craft to the next level? Give your writing savvy more exposure and generate a wider number of readers by publishing an ebook. Apple IOS devices, Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook, tablets, smartphones and other e-readers are becoming customary than carrying bulky hard bound or paperback books. Having been a blogger for quite sometime may have vested you the right to become a published author, so go for it. Make an ebook and sell it in platforms that will give you better prospects of marketing your product to a bigger readership base.
Take some time to go through your blog. As a connoisseur blogger, you’ve probably created a substantial heap of good quality blog posts and articles. From that alone, you can come up with a basic structure for your first ebook.
Here are some tips to guide you as you start your first ebook project:Ebook Publishing Tips

  1. Design a good cover. Book lovers literally judge a book by its cover, so you better get your potential buyers enthused about clicking the “buy” button and adding your ebook to their carts. The bulk of your effort definitely should be allotted to the content of your book, but a good cover works congruently in tagging your book as purchase-worthy. Put ample effort in creating an eye-catching and aesthetically affable cover for your ebook.
  2. Is your ebook actually going to be saleable? Do a market research. The simplest way to do it is to look up ebooks of the same niche. Check those that are selling. Take a look at the quality of the different parts of the book such as:
    • Cover
    • Title
    • Description
    • Table of Contents
  3. You don’t need to buy the ebooks, but gather as much information as you can. What is the common denominator about the books that make them sell? Incorporate the same principles in your ebook.
  4. Set short-term and realistic goals. Manage your time well. Don’t get frazzled with jumbled tasks and schedules for your ebook projects. Chances are, you’ve spent some time writing the content of your ebook already, now you have to focus on publishing. Set up a weekly goal of a consistent number of chapters you can finish. 100 pages is more or less enough. It shouldn’t take long to write a valuable and informative ebook.
  5. Sell your book at the right price. The price of your ebook is contigent on the extent of your online presence and your popularity as a writer. Most ebooks are sold for less than $10. Check other ebooks of about the same topic and length and sell yours for the same price. But it is actually advisable to shoot your price tag a bit lower than average.

With these handy tips, you can write a good quality ebook and plan for digital publishing. As a novice, publishing an ebook can be a tricky and knotty process. Your best bet is to outsource your ebook conversion. Contact a specialist ebook conversion service to assist you in your startup venture as an ebook writer.

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