Can e-Books address learning dysfunctions?

Children today, are much more tech savvy than previous generations. Even though all of us are dependent on technology for all our daily chores, children are far more comfortable using it.

Over the last decade, the popularity of e-books has been on the rise. So, its time we help children with a device of their choice.

About one in ten children have dyslexia. In UK alone, 80% of people have learning difficulties. Should these difficulties be a barrier to learning, employment or personal fulfillment?

With the help of E-books these difficulties can be overcome. Every child has a different grasping capacity. The dyslexic children are unable to keep up with the normal learning pace. Such students require personal attention. Schools fail to provide tutors for that purpose.

E-books provide learning support to the child in a nurturing home environment. It teaches the method to decode & memorize words. These electronic books act as a great support for the child to excel in reading & writing. E-books enable children with learning disabilities to reach their potential. A study showed that children with learning difficulties grasp more from visuals than from the traditional writing methods. These books are easy to read as well as understand. These ‘Interactive Books’ take children on a journey which is educative as well as entertaining. Here are some e-books for dyslexic children.

Besides those with learning difficulties, there are some people who are just reluctant to read books or simply don’t have the time. For such readers, one of our clients New Word Reader publishes e-books which are to the point. These e-books contain just 20-25 pages.

Our team at Reality is trying to digitize texts, in order to make learning easier & thereby help those who need it.

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