Move your business into the Metaverse

Move your business into the Metaverse.

Move your business into the Metaverse

In our last blog on Metaverse, we explained why Metaverse is the next big thing in AR. Today, we are going to tell you a few proven steps to get your business on the Metaverse.

1. Get an online presence with the current platform:

Starting pretty basic, 3 out of 4 small to big businesses have an online presence. In this sense, if you don’t have one, you are already in the minority. We know you are excited about the possibilities in the Metaverse, but you have to learn to walk before you can run. If you’ve never had a strong online presence, the first thing you have to do is change that. The metaverse is the evolution of the internet. This means that the certain rules that already exist will also apply. And what better place to learn than an existing platform that has already been mastered by the best online businesses. So, before you begin gearing up for VR & AR business, learn to optimize your website & social media presence with us.

2. Master 2D models:

Did you know that the oculus quest VR headset is basically an android phone strapped to your head? Developing VR apps for the headset is very similar to developing apps for android. The metaverse will bring in the new dawn of commerce but in its infancy, it will rely on 2D models while it grows. This means current software development tactics will still apply perfectly. Whatever models are in use as they will be the springboards needed to plunge into the metaverse. 2D app development isn’t dying anytime soon, so get innovative with it. Stay focused on the skills you are using to maintain & upscale your online business today.

3. Focus on your target audience:

From the time Microsoft Products became famous in the 80s until now, the company has always targeted professionals. No matter how great your product or service is, it can get lost in the multitude of products and services, fighting for customers’ attention. That doesn’t mean you can’t break through and become known as a brand. It just means, you’ll have to get your strategy right; enter the target audience. You shouldn’t be trying to get the attention of everyone in the metaverse. You should be trying to understand the needs & desires of your intended customers. Aim your ads at them, understand what they want, and figure out how you can help them to get it.

4. Focus on the experience:

In 2003, a virtual world called Second Life was launched. It allowed companies to hawk their products and services. Companies quickly jumped on this and filled their virtual spaces with their logos and product placements. Nowadays, most companies have lost interest in Second Life. However, there is a lesson in this story: customers and clients who entered the metaverse want to experience things, not just see them. If all a person gets from a virtual world is a plain vision of what you are selling, the virtual world becomes unnecessary.

Make your business in the metaverse an experience. If it’s a game, let the controls simulate real-life actions. If it’s a store, let your items be visible in more than 2D. Know what your clients want to feel when they enter your space and then aim your resources toward making them feel that emotion. Funnel that emotion towards the product that you are selling. The experience will bring them back quicker than the quality of your product ever could, and if they come back, they will spend more time and money. To wrap up, the metaverse is currently valued at $47 billion & is expected to grow to $800 billion by 2024. Many big tech organizations, like Meta & Microsoft, are invested in the metaverse. The business world is all about adapting to changes & trends & if you want to stay on top, you are going to have to move to the metaverse & master the AR & VR technology.

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