Digital Image Processing – What Do Ecommerce Websites Have to Gain?

Leading market research firm eMarketer estimated in 2014 that global business-to-consumer (B2C) ecommerce sales were pegged to surpass US$1.5 trillion in that year. These numbers indicate that consumer preferences are tilting the balance toward ecommerce. However, what is it about an ecommerce website that entices a customer enough to make a purchase decision? It’s often …read more

Looking for Enhanced eBook Conversion Services? Things you Should Know

The term ‘enhanced books’ is commonly used by eBook conversion companies to refer to digital books that feature a bevy of advanced attributes such as interactivity, video, narration or other audio, and a lot more. Thanks to the greater degree of interactivity they bring at the reader’s fingertips, enhanced eBooks can help boost book sales, …read more