Moving to the cloud? Things you should know

Moving to the cloud? Things you should know

COVID-19 sparked a surge in digital transformation efforts this year and last. Whether it’s cloud computing services firmly establishing itself as a ‘remote work enabler,’ or multi-cloud and hybrid clouds assisting businesses with business continuity, the future is bright for cloud computing. Because of the advantages of cloud computing, an increasing number of businesses are …read more

IoT Then and Now

IoT Then & Now

One of the most significant IT innovations in recent years is the IoT. In our daily lives, all of us rely on a range of technologies, which is everywhere, from waking up to a mobile alarm clock to playing music by uttering ‘Alexa’; but how did it all begin? How far has it come? What …read more

Robotics process automation is gaining importance

Why robotics process automation gaining importance?

2022 will be the year that businesses get back on track after a year of unparalleled disruption. Many will be looking towards technology and automation to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and build organizational resilience. One technology that should be at the forefront of those conversations is robotic process automation (RPA). Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology, …read more

Advanced EPiServer Features and tools

Advanced EPiServer Features and Tools

EPiServer is a content management system that allows developers to create and deliver content through a single interface. Users may manage, optimize, and build the digital experience that best suits their client base using EPiServer’s interface. EPiServer is a cloud-based digital experience platform that helps medium-to-large businesses manage content and market online. Customer personas, data …read more