The Augmented Reality Service Provider In India

The Augmented Reality Service Provider In India

Augmented reality has been the big trending thing for quite a long time now. There has been a lot of buzz and ever since the whopping success of Pokémon Go, the concept of augmented reality invaded a lot of space.
If you too are on the lookout for some of the best augmented reality service providers in India, we will give you a credible list to work on.

Reality Premedia

Itis one of the top companies that have been working in the sector of augmented reality for quite some time now. They have worked on plenty of projects and are well versed with the dynamics of augmented reality. The company has the best proficiency in this sector and their expense backed with experience made them a name to be reckoned with.

Hyperlink InfoSystem

Mostly a mobile app and web development company, they have ventured in the field of augmented reality for quite some time now. The company makes it a point to keep an eye on all the latest updates and try to develop new games with fresh concepts and ideas. They believe in creativity and innovation.

SDM Digital

Yet another mobile app development company, they started their work on the AR technology too. They too wanted to catch up on the trending technology of today and have been making some of the best games. The company has managed to work on some really successful projects that have to do with augmented reality and thereby managed to make a name for them.


This company surely believes a great deal in innovation and experimentation. They have an experience lab wherein they have their own demo center that works round the clock. They are ready to give a demo to their clients so that the clients can see for themselves regarding what to expect from the augmented reality projects. They make use of all the latest development in the field of technology to ensure that their project turns out to be perfect and successful. Along with augmented reality, they also deal in virtual reality, simulations, holographic perfections, gesture based movement and more.

These are some of the top augmented reality service providers in India. No doubt, the scope, and potential in this field are continuously growing and this is the reason, you can find plenty of start-ups in the field too.

The focus is on finding a new innovative way of coming up with games and apps that could make the most use of augmented reality. Pokémon Go had the whole world hooked and it is merely a matter of time when another such game would be launched and the world would go into a frenzy playing it. Definitely, augmented reality seems to be trending at the moment and these companies want to make the most of the popularly.

Whenever you want to work with a company offering augmented reality services, always make it a point to check their past projects to gauge the kind of output they are likely to offer.

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