eBOOKS ON FACEBOOK – Is this the beginning of “Digital Social Publishing”

There is no doubt that Facebook is the most popular social networking site in today’s time. In just about 8 years after its launch, facebook has more than 750 million users. At the same time, the E-books industry has been flourishing over the last decade. E-book sales are said to make up 9 % of the publishing industry currently. Imagine the popularity, when E-books & facebook get together!
Advertising through Facebook has always been popular and rewarding. There are examples of publishers like Bethlehem Books who have been selling E-books on Facebook for quite some time now.
Recently facebook acquired digital publisher Push Pop Press which creates new-age ebooks for readers. Its platform, Our Choice enables readers to go through a whole new content sharing experience. Our choice is a book which has brought about a different method of publishing and exploring text, images, audio, video and interactive infographics. It increases the level of interactivity & thereby enhances participation, communication, exploration, creativity & satisfaction.
According to Push Pop Press, though facebook will not be getting into digital publishing in the near future, there may be plans down the line. This would be a boon to publishers & authors as they would be able to promote as well as sell their creations on the world’s most popular social network. The whole process of tagging photos, watching videos & browsing through the news feed would be enriched.
Push Pop Press brings out a lot of creativity in digital books. Also, first time authors can now piggy back on Facebook’s large social media canvas to increase their market reach.

We believe that such innovations could lead to the rise of a new era in digital publishing – the era of “Digital Social Publishing”. New titles will be inspired through crowd-sourcing, with social media serving as the platform for the crowd. Old titles can be revived by incorporating the critique that readers may potray on this social media platform.

Thus, readers would be encouraged to move from being spectators to being authors. Could this be the future of digital publishing? Could Facebook turn out to be the largest platform for Self-Publishers?

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