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App Framework for Interactive books for iOS devices

Many of our clients for eBook conversion are looking for iOS apps for their books mainly children books, comics or books that will lend to animation and interactivity. The App segment adds new customers and is different from the book segment.

To cater to these needs Reality  has now developed an App framework for books.

What is this app framework for books capable of ?

  • Allows the user to swipe to move between pages
  • Smooth transitions between pages
  • Double click will bring in the page navigation view where in you can jump to any page
  • The framework is HTML5/CSS based. Any feature supported by this is supported in the app
  • Apple does not allow on load sound to play in HTML. We have written code to allow audio on load event. This is important in children’s books as you will have a “read to me” mode where in the audio narration should automatically start
  • Animations, Interactivity is supported through Javascript and HTML5

Our first title using this Framework has hit the Apple iTunes stores today.

Birbal Cooks ..

Birbal Cooks..

Birbal takes on a bet with Akbar that people will do anything for money. Akbar sets a task that a person should stay in biting cold water for one whole night with no clothes on for 1000 gold coins reward. A poor Brahmin takes on this challenge. Though the Brahmin wins the bet Akbar refuses to pay him citing that he has cheated. Birbal uses his wit and humor to convince Akbar of his mistake and get justice for the man. A short video on the same.


Features :

  • Animated Story book
  • Sentence highlighting for young readers to follow story
  • Read along with professional narration
  • Interactive animations and fun elements throughout the book

You can get more details and buy it here. App is free till  15th Jun 2012

Birbal Cooks


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