E-Streaming-the next big thing in the world of publishing?

Necessity is the mother of innovation, and there isn’t a better example than the evolution of reading. The latest to hit the time line is from the publishing giant GRUPO PLANETA, who have come up with the latest to shake the eBook industry, by introducing E-streaming, an innovation in E reading, which is very similar to your NetFlix experience of watching a movie on-line without saving it on to your hard drive. This innovation, has not only stirred the clouds for the storm to come, but also warned people to think of other measures to beat it or join it.

The new Cloud service which has been called E-circulo works on a platform of “BUY SELL& RENT“of Ebooks for reading online only with out downloading files which partly avoids pirate replica immediately it would be somethinglike the same buisness model that Netflix has in the U.S for the marketing of movies or Spotify for music.

This shift in strategy is to market Planet eBooks and help eliminate piracy. just as new operators are entering the field of editorial content in Spain (Google Books, Amazon, The Copy, 24symbols, etc.. are forecasting some tough fights between the big players for supremacy and monopoly. the question asked here is what will the existing players do in order to play along this new trend which is still testing waters ?

What is the future of the new innovation will it become a successful business venture or will it fail to take off without seeing the light of the day only time will tell .

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