Amazon is in India, will give a boost to the Indian Digital Publishing Market!


go dip and shop online! was always exploring ways to enter the Indian market. The online retailer is talking to Indian e-commerce sites including, and a few more regarding the business prospective. Acquiring an existing Indian company is one of the preferred ways for foreign companies to gain a foothold in India — eBay acquired and Groupon bought

Amazon in India, the site will join Amazon’s other seven international sites in Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the United Kingdom. A dedicated Amazon site for India could be the boost that publishers and readers need to fasten the adoption of e-books and possibly give the Indian e-book editions an edge over foreign English-language titles.

On the other hand this might also allow Indian readers to purchase vast numbers of English language books published in the US, UK and other English-speaking countries at economical prices. Indian publishers are preparing for e-books and digital content, particularly academic publishers who have been the front-runners in adapting to new technologies and offering content on multiple platforms. They have not only eased access for students and readers but have also given publishers the opportunity to innovate and develop new content.

According to the IAMAI eCommerce report 2011, the market is anywhere about 0.4 to 0.5 billion (excluding online ticketing) which is still coming into existence stage. However, it is interesting to see the enormous growth rate and moreover, Indian eCommerce is at an inflection point. At present it is at point from where growth rate is inevitably exponential. Earlier, people were worried about shopping online, however now with fundamental solutions like PaisaPay and eBay Guarantee; consumers are experiencing secure online transaction.

Having more global and trusted players will help expand market and actually make easier for companies like us to grow faster. I do not think it will have fundamental game changing impact but at the same time they are a good, credible global player, so it would be interesting to see them rolling out in India which is altogether a different turf. Meanwhile, there are chances that small online retailers and other eCommerce players may face the heat.


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