Publisher specific eReaders with preloaded content??

Cook book publishers are always on the look-out for more ways to interact with their audience. As technology becomes more and more sophisticated, there are a number of ways in which cook book publishers can connect with their audience. After the print book, TV shows, Internet web pages, etc the newest trend to hit the pots and pans are publisher specific eReaders that are pre-loaded with the publisher’s content.

Unique tablets like these have incorporated images, step-by-step instructions for recipes explained in text, photos and videos. They can raise the bench mark of readability and take reader interaction to a new level. Such innovative Tablets can become ideal must-haves for bachelors or memorable presents for Thanksgiving or Christmas. You could very soon see one of these while shopping in one of the aisles of your local supermarket.

We recently interacted with a major publisher of cook books who wanted to work with the Reality premedia eBook team to convert all their titles into enhanced cooking eBooks which would be pre-loaded on their company branded eReader tablets.

The question raised here is – whether or not this trend of creating eReaders with pre-loaded content will become a potential business model for publishers around the globe?

a pre loded cook book being used in the kitchen


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