Photo App Framework for iOS devices

Reality Premedia has built and tested the first framework for apps with mainly photo content.

What is this framework capable of  ?

  • Provides an easy way to browse photo graphic content. You can swipe and browse the content. You can add and delete content from your app with ease. We have tested the same with unto 500 photos and the response time is good.
  • Ability to provide unto 4 user defined fields on the top of the photograph and 2 user defined fields at the bottom of the photo graph to be able to describe the image adequately.
  • Special Information and audio button that can provide additional text description and sound file associated with each photograph
  • Search and filter results on 2 user defined categories . The search can be related search or unrelated search. In related search If you select say a city in the first category the second category will show only places of interest in the city selected. In unrelated search both the filter are independent of each other. This is user defined when creating the app and gives the flexibility to support different apps
  • Ability to be able to share the image you like though email, Facebook and twitter
  • Ability to select and store your favorite pictures
  • The app also has a section that can be defined fully in HTML 5. This allows you to add more information, video and audio files and interactions in this section just like a mini website within the app.
  • – It is an universal build and will work on both Mobile and tablet iOS devices from iOS 4.0 or later

We have created three app using this framework which are all on sales in iTunes store. These three links will give you more information about the same if you are interested. You can also contact us for more information

Snakes eGuide :

Rajasthan :

Outsider Art :

We are now moving to port this framework also to android devices and this will be ready in about 4 weeks.

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