Augmented Reality for Furniture Industry

The adoption of Augmented Reality in the Furniture Industry

The adoption of Augmented Reality in the Furniture Industry

Have you browsed through an app that shows how your drawing room will look with a piece of a beautiful-looking sofa, a chaise, or an almirah? Don’t you feel ecstatic after watching that virtual imagery? That imagery is rendered by using a technology called augmented reality. The top AR service providers, who have established themselves well, are currently exploring markets that might have been only imagined until now.

Augmented reality apps help by coupling live videos together with computer-generated images, sounds, video, or GPS data. AR technology allows the user to get a taste of a completely digital environment. It basically blends digital content with the real world. There are many AR app development companies that can help you virtually view how a piece of furniture would look in your house in an app on your handheld device like a smartphone! The devices rendering AR-related services efficiently gain knowledge about the surroundings and layer them with the device-generated effects. Augmented reality services are playing a huge part in the industry that caters to aesthetics and interior design for household and commercial spaces.

Augmented Reality in the Furniture Industry

Every material-based industry, right from software to automotive to construction and furniture, is coming up with more and more modular products. In augmented reality services for the furniture industry, retailers are resorting to the use of web-based augmented reality services to provide visual experiences to customers about the furniture they will be buying. Web-based AR can be used to create virtual product catalogues. These product catalogues render different product ranges which can be skimmed through by the customers to view the range of products available to them.

The augmented reality technology puts mapping and matching techniques to use. This assists in suggesting furniture with close to actual texture, location, and reality. The area in which the furniture is to be placed is scanned using the app. Simply point the app at the space where furniture is to be placed and wait for the magic to happen!

The app analyses the space and further provides the best possible furniture recommendations by using artificial intelligence. The product is rendered as a superimposed layer over the space, best suited for the space. This will help the customers make better decisions to buy the best-fit furniture. The users can also modify the color, size, and placement of the piece of furniture in the space.

Applications of Augmented Reality

  • The apps that are made using augmented reality technology have varied applications that include app-based shopping, for marketing and data-based visualizations, medical applications, etc.
  • Other uses include entertainment, such as alternate reality games (ARGs), location-based MMOs, and interactive cinematic experiences.
  • Augmented reality has quickly established itself as the technology of tomorrow. It has endless possibilities for captivating an audience’s attention to your project.

Advantages of web-based AR services in the furniture industry.

Web native AR solutions help with a higher reach of the products online via the use of mobile apps and websites. This investment would give better returns than conventional AR systems.

Engagement with various products grows as more product visualizations are displayed via web-based AR.

Customers get a taste of the actual product experience using online augmented reality, which helps to reduce the returns made by the customers. A market survey stated that furniture manufacturers who started using AR technology experienced about 23% reduction in the product returns.

Interested buyers get a precise context of a scale with a better sense of lighting and location of furniture and how it would look in actual reality.

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