The Best Tips To Use When You Convert To Kindle

Kindle is one of the popular eBook formats that is read by a lot of people. It is important to note that you can read the kindle format even if you do not own a Kindle. There are a lot of e-reader and mobile devices that support various digital formats. It is the wide number of options that you have which makes kindle such a popular format.

Kindle Conversion, convert to kindleIf you wish to become one of the top eBook conversion companies that specialize in converting books to digital formats, following are the tips that can turn out to be handy for you.

Be Mindful Of The Font

It is extremely important to be wary of the font size. While paperback tends to have a larger font and even stylish fonts for the books, there isn’t so much of flexibility when it comes to digital books. There are a lot of advantages of digital books; however, you have to respect the fact that the configuration of different readers and mobile devices will differ. This is the reason when you convert to kindle, you should not opt for exotic fonts. Try sticking with standard fonts like Times New Roman or even Arial. These fonts are available on all devices and regardless of the type of reader that people use, the font will load smoothly without any glitches.

Similarly, when we are dealing with the size of the font, you have to be mindful of the same too. You cannot hope to have a huge font sized 20 points or so. It is a disaster in making because the screen size can differ a great deal from one device to another. Having an extremely large font is sure to cluster on the screen. Ideally, the best tip is to settle for 11 or 12 points for the body and have a maximum of 14 points for titles and chapter heading.

Handle The Pictures With Precision

We all know that pictures add the right charisma to the books. Handling pictures might quite be the test for eBook conversion companies. Most eBook conversion companies will take a double look when they are embedding pictures in the book. When you convert to kindle, you need to be sure that the pictures are placed in such a manner that they will not interfere with the word placement.

When people are opting for eBook conversion services, they are very particular of the type of work they will review. Integrating a cover image or having various illustrations is a common demand. It is the duty of eBook conversion companies to check out the best ways in which the images can be integrated such that it will scale depending upon the size of the devices and fit smoothly in the device.

These are the main points that can help eBook conversion companies chart the success ladder and they could enjoy a huge popularity. When people are satisfied with the quality of eBook conversion services, they are likely to recommend the company to their friends in the literary social circle.

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