Trends in AI

Trends in AI for content companies 2024 – Part 2

Trends in AI

ChatGPT should be part of every content writers toolkit. Please look into the previous Blog If the same is new to you.

Moving forward let’s examine the following scenario. You are an artist designing UI/UX for website. The deadlines are short to produce concepts to show the client, your inspiration needs a boost as it is running low but your company needs the UI now as usual

AI to the rescue ? Yes, meet our next AI hero


MidJourney is an AI-powered system that can create images with the text input. You specify what you are looking for using the syntax provided and Voila it will produce stunning imagery/Art for your website

There are two ways to experience the tools: the MidJourney Bot, which you can use to generate images, and the web app where you can find a gallery of your own work and other users’ creations.

Take a little time to explore the same. Once you know how to use Midjourney you will be amazed at the results. It will supercharge your imagination.

Look at the following YouTube video for inspiration. It is aptly titled How to use AI Art and ChatGPT to Create Insane Web Designs

The workflow used is the following:

  1. Create your first image using the /imagine command
  2. Midjourney Bot Processes your request and gives you four options based on your prompt
  3. You can Upscale (create high resolution) of your Image or create variations (which are like the image chosen)
  4. Include UI/UX, website, hero images, website etc as required so that it understands you are building a website
  5. If you like any website design, colour scheme and/or structure you can include the URL of the website and Midjourney will use the same to generate images based on the same
  6. Happy with result? Save a full-size Image
  7. Use the same to create your website

Midjourney allows 25 free jobs that currently do not expire but will also not renew. Each prompt query is one job. After the expiry of the same you can go for a paid subscription

All prompts and jobs that you generate are publicly visible to all users. Though this can give you information and ideas if you are not wanting to have your work publicly displayed you can pay an extra fee for having a private channel

Yes the assets you create are owned by you provided you are on a paid plan. Please visit the site for more details

So if you are an artist relaxing on a beachside shack in Goa with a chilled beer in your hand and still wanting to impress your company with your productivity and stunning UI and imagery this is the tool for you

In the next blog we will cover how to generate animated for your YouTube channels using AI. May not be too artistic but will certainly be fast and economical

So if YouTube animated videos on steroids is your thing than read the next blog..

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