What is 3D Modeling in animation production in 2024? | Reality Premedia

In animation, 3D modeling is not just about creating cool looking things it is the secret sauce that makes objects and characters move realistically. For instance, think about a character walking. We all know how a person walks because we have seen it countless times. That walk looks believable in animation because 3D modeling helps create inner structures like bones and muscles that make movements like walking look natural. 


How 3D Modeling is Used 

Think of 3D modeling as the tool that brings cartoon characters, awesome video game worlds, and mind-blowing movie effects to life. You have seen cool movies like Frozenor Avengers, right? Well 3D modeling helps make all the amazing stuff in those movies, like the characters, the places they go, and the cool things that happen. 

Have you noticed how characters in movies or games move like real people or animals? It is because their 3D models have special structures inside that help them move realistically. 


Movies: Remember the colorful characters in Toy Story? They are made using 3D modeling  

Video Games: Games like Minecraft or Fortnite have awesome 3D worlds where everything you see is made using this cool tech.  

Types of Modeling 

Organic Modeling 

This type of modeling is for making things that look natural, like animals, people, or anything with soft shapes. So, in movies like Finding Nemo, all those fish and underwater scenes are created using this method. 

Hard Surface Modeling 

For things like cars, buildings, or gadgets, animators need precise structures that make them move or transform in a believable way. This is where hard surface modeling shines. 

When you need things with clear, straight lines or sharp edges, that is where hard surface modeling comes in handy. Ever seen the robots in Transformers? They’re made using this kind of modeling!  

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Where to Start? 

Exploring the Basics 

Learning how to create these inner structures helps animators understand how characters move. It’s like knowing the blueprint of a robot so you can make it walk or jump realistically. 

Practice and Exploration 

When you are making a character walk or jump, sometimes you need to tweak these inner structures. Animators and modelers often learn from each other to make movements look just right. 

3D Modeling Software 

3Ds Max 

3Ds Max is a great tool used in movies, games, and designing buildings. It is popular because it has lots of tools that help artists create really detailed stuff. It is also good at making things look super real in movies and games. People like it because it helps make characters move in a very lifelike way. 


ZBrush is like an artists dream for making detailed characters. It is perfect for creating tiny details and textures that make characters look real. Artists love it because they can make lifelike models and characters that look really close to the real thing in movies and games. 

Cinema 4D 

Cinema 4D is easy to use and has cool tools for making things move in movies and ads. It’s especially good at making things move smoothly, like in TV commercials or fancy intros. It also works well with other software, making it easier for artists to do their work. 


Blender is like a superhero software it is free and does almost everything! It helps artists make cool models, animations, and more. Lots of people like it because there’s a big community that helps each other, and it keeps getting better with new updates. It’s great for both beginners and pros in animation. 


3D modeling in animation isn’t just about making pretty things it’s about making them move believably. Whether it’s a human walking or a fantasy creature flying, 3D modeling’s inner structures are the key to making it all look real.